Wednesday, October 2


My sister-in-law came over today (bringing me a burrito and Baja Blast like a true sister ;) to hold Tenley and hang out with me for a while, and we had a long (more than three hours!) conversation about all kinds of things. I am seriously so grateful for Shaina. Besides Dalin and Tenley, she is my closest friend and I love that I can talk to her about anything no matter how weird, silly, gross, or embarrassing. Never having had a sister, it's nice to have a girl friend for once. My best friends growing up were mostly guys (with the exception of Megan and Sarah) but since I've gotten married we have of course grown apart, which is good and right, but admittedly it was a little hard at first feeling like I'd lost a big chunk of my friends. Consequently, having Shaina and Layton near to us this last year has been such a blessing for both Dalin and myself.

Anyhow, Shaina and I discussed a zillion different topics--mainly about our family--but something that stuck out to me was our discussion on temptation. I just want to give anyone who is reading a brief reminder about the subject. Temptation is not a sin. It isn't. Even our Savior Jesus Christ was tempted. Everyone on this earth is tempted daily. Our purpose here on earth is to be tested and see if we will choose for ourselves happiness over sin. It's a cliché phrase in the LDS Church, but wickedness never was happiness. We may be tempted often and fiercely, but if we turn to the Savior each time (thus turning away from the temptation), we will always find that we are happier than if we had given in. If we mess up, like we are bound to do over and over again, we can always put to use the greatest gift the Savior has given us--repentance. But we must remember what President Ezra Taft Benson said, "It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent." 
I needed this reminder for myself--that temptation is not a sin--not if we don't act on it. Hopefully my little reminder helped someone else, too.
What do you do to turn away from temptation? 
Read your scriptures? Sing a hymn? 

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