Friday, October 4

Optimizing October

It took me a good five minutes to find a good "o" verb for this post title.

Dalin and I are off to a great start celebrating autumn.

Things we have done so far:

We bought some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at Macey's...
Which were so good, we bought some pumpkin chocolate chip bread at Harvest Bread Co. 
We stopped by Allred's Orchard and got a bag of apples for me to make an apple pie for General Conference with.
We bought chocolate frogs (Harry Potter style) to share (word to the wise--don't buy them--they're gross.)
I drank a gallon of apple cider. Seriously. Just me. Hey, I've got to feed a baby.
We bought some peanut butter chocolate fudge. 
(Why are these all about food??...)
We watched all the Harry Potter movies (except the first...we lent it out and never got it back).
I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Tenley and started on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
We stopped by Bath & BodyWorks and smelled every single new pumpkin candle scent for fall. (This is one of Dalin's favorite things to do...)
We bought four awesome new fall hand soaps from Bath & BodyWorks (or, as we like to call it, Bed, Bath, & BodyWorks). They are so awesome that I have all four out by our kitchen sink. I couldn't choose just one. The ones we bought are New England Autumn Bouquet, Apsen Autumn Day, Fresh-Picked Heirloom Pear, and Montana Mountain Air. They are all great!
I decorated the apartment for fall and Halloween a few weeks ago! (I might have been early, but fall is so fleeting :/)
Dalin brought me home some lovely orange (very fallish) roses randomly one night (randomly is my favorite way to get them :)

I'm sure I'm missing something, but I think we've been off to a great start! In two weeks, we head to Boise for a Halloween party at Dalin's parents' house, where we plan to win the costume contest (haha, well we'll's going to be hard with baby Tenley). While there, we would like to visit a pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins like we do in New Hampshire...not out of a box at the grocery store (something about that just feels like a rip-off to me). I'm sure we'll do many other fun fall things along the way. 

What have you done so far for fall?
Any suggestions for things for us to try?

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