Saturday, June 1

Woman Gave Birth at Home Alone (So Cool!)

It's super late and I'm really tired, so I'll come back to this, but I think this article (about a woman giving birth alone at home), though frightening, is marvelous! 

I'll share more thoughts about it later, but for now, I thought it was awesome that she had it within herself to do it alone. Nothing at all wrong with epidurals, but how cool that she was so relaxed she didn't need one (not that she had any choice). I love that she said her "instincts kicked in" and she went into "primal mode." She also said:

I want to be an inspiration to other women to empower them to trust themselves and their instincts. Hospitals are there, and they're wonderful in emergencies, but a lot of times women don't trust themselves and their bodies that they're able to do it. I trusted my body and the process. I tried to stay as focused and looking inward as I could and not let any fear come over me."

She is awesome!

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