Saturday, June 8

Fun in Marriage

It's funny to me that people think that you can't have as much fun once you're married. If you have ever thought that, trust me, you're wrong. Being married to your best friend makes all the difference. Somewhere on the side of my blog, I have a quote that says something like, "Marriage vows are like promising to have sleepovers with your best friend every night." Isn't that the best? Don't you want to be with your best friend forever?

I just read an awesome post by this girl which you should read if you need further encouragement to be spontaneous. After I read her post, it reminded me of our random little excursion last week. The plan was to go camping. I love camping and really, really wanted to go. The weather had other plans though, and naturally it rained the two days we wanted to go. Disappointed, I sat at home waiting for Dalin to return from work and tried my hardest to think of something we could do as an alternative to save the night. 

I searched google for nearby campsites, looking for places that might have some kind of covering or that might have been out of range of the rainstorms. It was not very promising. I browsed Pinterest for a while, looking at different Date Night ideas from several Pinners. Then, on a whim, I researched inexpensive hotel rooms in the area. I was thinking a nice bed and breakfast might be fun (since we have done that while visiting New Hampshire in the past together and loved it) but the only nice one around was more than I wanted to spend. I looked at about ten different inns and hotels, and finally finally found one that was nearby, within our price range, that didn't look gross. I texted Dalin my idea and was shocked when he said, "Yes! Book it!" 

I spent the next hour before Dalin came to pick me up, packing a bag with clothes for both of us, our toiletries, a few snacks (being 30 weeks pregnant, this was a necessity...) and a makeshift dinner with dessert. I didn't tell Dalin because I wanted to surprise him. When he got home, I met him in the car and we took off! It felt so exciting! 

We checked in to the Sleep Inn around 9pm (I could only imagine what the lady checking us in was thinking...) in the pouring rain. We decided to pay an extra $20 to get a jacuzzi in our room, so we ended up paying a little more than $80 with tax. We were assigned room 300 (which is our old apartment number...somehow we always get 300) and were a little more than shocked to find a very, very nice room. The King bed was huge and amazing. The bathroom was big and clean. It was not what we expected for what we paid. We ate my "romantic" homemade dinner at our little table, watched some movies on TV while snuggling on our big bed, enjoyed the wonderful jacuzzi (obviously, we had to make sure it wouldn't be too hot for the baby), and went to bed late. The bed was so big, Dalin and I didn't roll into each other the whole night! It was very soft and comfy and made me want a King bed for our future home really badly. 

Breakfast ended at 9am the next morning, so we got up around 8am to make it down to the little continental breakfast. It was not bad at all and we ended up talking to this cute older couple who noticed I was pregnant. After, we returned to our room and rested and watched TV until 11:30am because we had to check out at noon. 

Driving home, we talked about how much fun that idea was and how we wanted to do things like that more once a month. We calculated that our expenses basically came to be just a little over three hours of work for each of us! Totally worth it. 

Possibly the best part about the trip was that, besides being relaxing and spontaneous, we only had to drive like five minutes to get home. It felt nice not having to go far to feel like we were in a completely different place. 

We will definitely be doing that again! 

Have you ever done something on the spur of the moment with your spouse? 
What was it and would you do it again? 

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