Tuesday, June 4

31 Weeks. BIG Changes

I'm so sorry to my poor neglected blog and to my wonderful readers! Though you are few in number, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment when you feel prompted to do so. It makes having a blog so much more interesting. 

Well I am now at 31 weeks. And gosh am I huge...everyone says so. Apparently though, I'm not huge enough for little girl. She has been moving like crazy the last two weeks. I am not sure what changed, but she does not seem to have any more room. How do I know this? Because every moment, she is constantly stretching out and trying to kill her mom. When she does this, particularly when she sticks her little foot or bum right behind my belly button, it is very uncomfortable and I have to push her back in using my hand or she will leave it there. It is cute...for about two seconds...then I have to have her stop because it feels like she is going to push her foot right out of my belly. Babies can't be claustrophobic, right? 

This past weekend, while visiting Dalin's family in Boise, we went to see "Now You See Me" at the movies. It was a pretty cool movie--I wish the ending had supplied more answers, but it was very hard for me to pay attention with baby girl moving the entire time. I'm not kidding--she was stretching and kicking and pushing and hiccuping the whole movie as well as several hours afterward. This made it very hard to focus on the movie, but also made me wonder what changed in the last week to make her so ridiculously active. She's getting bigger though, and I'm guessing she is less comfortable now that she's running out of space. She's also more like a real person to me now because I talk to her every time she starts getting out of control in there. When I'm hungry and she is kicking around, I assume she is hungry too and I tell her, "Don't worry, we're getting some food right now, baby girl." Usually, I use her name though. 

In other news, we had the best time in Boise and it was very hard for us to leave, as it always is. It was weird though saying goodbye to cousins, aunts, and uncles and realizing that the next time we see them--probably in 3 months or so--we'll have a 1-month old baby with us! And she will be a part of our lives forever! So exciting! But so unreal. I can hardly accept that it's happening so quickly.

I hope everyone else had a spectacular (and long, like ours) weekend! 

Has anyone else had a very active baby? What did they turn out like after they were born?

Here is a picture from our little one-night getaway last week. I was 30 weeks pregnant back then...so long ago...ha ha. 
My stomach looks dramatically bigger when I put my hand underneath the bottom of it.


  1. Talan was very active while in my belly. Since being born, he has never enjoyed sitting still very long. Church is basically torture to him. I don't know if there's any correlation, but if your little girl is anything like Talan, get ready to be worn out!

  2. Mary was SO ACTIVE - even more than this little guy! I had to constantly push her back in, and she was always making "waves" across my belly. But you know what she is like now. Quiet, content, sweet, and in no hurry to move or explore. I think every baby is different and you don't know what you have until they come!


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