Saturday, October 20

My Sisters

I have to admit--
One of the best things about getting married is getting a bigger family.

I love my in-laws. So. Much. I am not even sure how I got so lucky. I always prayed as a youth that I would marry into a great family, and guess what? Prayer works. Not only did I get the sweetest, most handsome husband, but I also got his three gorgeous sisters and wonderful parents.

Now let me just take a moment to gush about my sisters.

Cassandra Joan Gunnell Frazee

Cassie is basically a model. She married my brother-in-law, Shay, just a little over a year ago and they have the cutest son (my nephew), named Maddox.  Cassie is talented at so many things--amongst them are singing, drawing, doing amazing reverse french braids, being the most gorgeous mom, and having impeccable taste in fashion. Seriously, she always looks so good, it's a disgusting comparison when I stand next to her.  I love Cassie because she is always good for a laugh.  She sounds serious, but she has a great sense of humor.  She is very tender with her little son, and seeing this makes me want to have a relationship like theirs.  Cassie is also brave.  She does not worry about what other people think of her.  She is motivated and hardworking.  If I could look half as good as she did pregnant and after having Maddox, I would feel pretty great about myself.  Cassie is just a really beautiful human being, inside and out. 

Shaina ReNae Gunnell*
*Subject to change...maybe very soon

Shaina is one of the coolest people I know.  She is super pretty, super athletic (super fit...), and very, very kind.  Shaina is so much fun to hang out with because she laughs at the same things I do and is very confident about her life.  She is good at basically everything she tries, and makes delicious Pazukis.  Shaina has amazing fashion sense.  She, like Cassie, always looks perfect.  Clearly, it runs in the family.  Shaina is really positive and I really admire her attitude and outlook on life.  She has an indistinguishable light about her that draws people to her.  Shaina is going to make the best mom someday because she is good at taking charge and handling situations without getting angry or stressed.  To me, Shaina is a leader--not only because of her happy attitude but because she is an example to her family of doing the right thing.  She is not afraid to be honest.  I cannot wait until Shaina is married.  That is going to be the most fun wedding, I know it.  Shaina (sorry to use this cliche but it's so applicable) truly has a heart of gold.

Jensen Kay Gunnell

And then there is Jensen.  I love my little sister so much.  She is nine years old and is a complete doll.  Jensen is a very good mix of all her siblings.  She looks a lot like Dalin, has a similar, spunky personality like Shaina, and she has similar talents to Cassie.  For example, Jensen has a beautiful little singing voice.  She is so cute when she sings Radio Disney songs in the car.  I think she is going to get even better as she ages.  She also is a fabulous artist.  I love so much that she wants to be able to draw and paint in the same way that I like to.  She is definitely well on her way--I wish I could share some of her artwork.  Jensen is very kindhearted.  She is so good with our little nephew, Maddox.  She also does some very good impressions of movie and TV characters.  Like most younger siblings, I think that Jensen is a combination of all the good things in her siblings.  She is a total sweetheart and I love spending time with her.

Gosh, I just cannot even describe how grateful I am for my sisters.  Words are not enough.  I just hope that if I have daughters of my own, they are just like my sisters.

All of them together with their big brother :)

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  1. I love this post, Olivia, and I love that you now part of our family. We are truly the lucky ones!


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