Saturday, October 27


I love my dad. 
His birthday was yesterday and the entire day I wished I could have been in New Hampshire to spend it with him. My dad is so hardworking. He is extremely good at what he does and has a truly generous heart. I love that about him. He and my mom both are excellent examples of service. They are always willing to give for the happiness of others. I hope I acquired that attribute from them. 
I am a lot like my dad. We have similar personalities and interests. We laugh a lot and enjoy good books. My dad encouraged me in my love for art and reading. He would read "Nancy Drew" and "The Hardy Boys" with Payson and me. He always makes me feel good about my artistic ability and pushes me to do my best in school. It makes me happy that he is proud of me and helps me to be my best self. 
Look how handsome my dad looks here...I love that suit and tie on him, as well as the boutonniere. And his smile :) 
My dad is a wonderful example to me. He tries very hard to do what is best for our family. I am impressed by him because he did not have great examples in his life growing up and still is very active and involved at Church. I am very thankful he had enough faith to choose for himself. 
My dad is the best
Growing up, my dad and I had lots of jokes. He would always carry me on his shoulders when I wanted him to. I remember him carrying me around Disney World on his shoulders. He would come on the rides with Payson and me and always was happy to play with us. He was very protective of me. I remember one time a neighborhood boy shot an acorn at my arm and made me cry. My dad went outside and told the boy that he needed to apologize to me and then go home. I always remembered him protecting me. 
Dad prepared me for this moment 
I am thankful that my dad prepared me to be worthy to marry Dalin in the temple. I am so glad that Dalin is someone my dad can not only be proud of, but someone he can talk to about sports, school, careers, and life. I love my dad. I hope he had the best birthday. I also hope that I get to see him sometime soon.


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