Sunday, October 28


Well, as you can quite clearly see for yourself, I have made a few changes to our blog. Do you like them?? I felt that our blog needed something a little more unique and original to help it stand out. I like the rustic feel. It makes me feel like Christmas, camping, and New England all at the same time.

Today was a great day. I wasn't feeling so well this morning and ended up missing Church. I felt well enough to go visiting teaching for a short while with my lovely companion, Emily. We visited with and shared a brief message with both of our girls and left with each of them a cute little handout (a gift tag with a quote from our message and a little button and feather--I should have taken a pic after I made them).

Shaina and Layton came over for a dinner of porkchops, summer squash, cucumbers with homemade vinaigrette and sparking red grape juice (my favorite!). It came out surprisingly well, but naturally I forgot to take a picture this time around. After, Shaina made delicious fudge brownies and served it with chocolate oreo ice cream. Can you say YUM?

We played Yahtzee and enjoyed the Denver-New Orlean's game as well as the World Series (Giants won...spoiler alert). Now I'm working on a lovely paper about the writings of James Joyce. It really would be more interesting to write about if I didn't have to do a decent draft of it by tomorrow...

Anyway, all I am thinking about now is how anxious I am for Thanksgiving, what Dalin and I want to do for Christmas, how much I miss my parents (and Dalin's!), and how I'm somewhat dreading class at 8am tomorrow...

Also, in other news, Dalin has officially changed his major! We are both very excited because we think it will be much more enjoyable for him. He will be studying....(drumroll)...


But more specifically, neuro-psychology is where he hopes to go with it. It has a lot to do with his interest in studying and helping those diagnosed with depression. I know he will be wonderful at it--he is great at everything--especially at being a kind and thoughtful husband. 

I asked myself about a thousand times today how I got to be so lucky as to have Dalin for eternity. He treats me with so much respect and is very aware of my needs and my comfort. Thank you, Marisa Johnson, for choosing to serve a mission, meeting Dalin, and then being inspired by the Spirit to set us up. Best idea ever.

We are very, very blessed. 


  1. I like the changes to the blog! And I love reading everything you write. Thanks for keeping us up to date and feeling like part of your lives. Even if my son doesn't know how to use a phone, at least I know what he's up to. :) Love you both very much!

  2. Love the blog changes but, loved it before too! We are excited for Dalin's new Major and miss you very much! Can't wait to see you in December, I will be counting down the days! I love you both! Mom :)


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