Sunday, November 30

Fall Photos...I guess winter can officially come now

Guess what, guys? Fall isn't over until December 21st (which is really my way of justifying these fall photos from Nebo Loop that are about to follow). We went about a month and a half ago in October--finally visiting at the right time to see the colorfulness. I would not go in September or November if you want to see the good leaves (like we did in years past).

Anyway, we went for a family picnic and had a lot of fun enjoying the natural beauty around us. So prepare for photo overload. I'll try not to bore you with my commentary on Tenley's adorableness. Also, I guess I would have been about 23 weeks pregnant or so in these pictures. I can't remember exactly.

She loves that pita.

It was a little bright for her.

Daddy's sunglasses. Not for wearing of course.

She looks so big here! Eating a pita by herself...sheesh, last year she was a newborn.
I just love her little profile. And her eyelashes. And everything about her.

Ready for a smooch

She loves her dad:)

More kisses!
She's one happy girl.
My baby #2 belly. I love it at this size.
Overjoyed for our BOY!!  

And overjoyed that I get to be the mama of this girl. 

Alright, just one last belly pic... 
Our family photo haha! We are not so good at taking them selfie-style. 
And one more with Ten's silly lips.
Now for some natural beauty (taken as we left Nebo Loop...very pretty!)

Well, happy fall y'all! (Just kidding...I know we're all ready for Christmas decorations at this point, but I sort of forgot about these pics and some are really cute so I had to share before they became really old news).

Let me know how that Christmas decorating is coming! Ours is trickling in slowly this year.

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