Sunday, November 2

Early November & 26 Weeks Pregnant

Guys, I've been such a slacker with blogging lately. Life is just going by way too fast right now and I can hardly keep up with it! I've been up since 7 this morning with Tenley (not exactly what I'd hoped for with Daylight Savings ending, but that's life with a one-year old) planning my day, hoping to get lots of little jobs accomplished around the place today. Church isn't until noon, so I still have a few hours to kill.

Can you believe it's November already?! I can't. I just love October and am having a hard time accepting that it's over and that Christmas is less than two months away (not that I'm not excited, but really, that's crazy! And truthfully, I'm not looking forward to winter at ALL).

Things happening in our life right now include:

  • Me hitting 26 weeks pregnant at the end of last week
  • Reaching 116 lbs and getting the glucose test over with (though I still do not know the results)
  • Lots of dentist appointments for :( 
  • Finishing up my online class (I'm so close but it's just dragging onnnn)
  • Eating some huge Costco pomegranates this morning with Tenley (We finally got a membership there and feel really cool now.)
  • Putting the last of my things packed from my New Hampshire visit away (it's a miracle that I unpacked within two days of returning)
  • Readjusting to Mountain Time (and the end of Daylight Savings...good thing we did not fly back in today or we'd be totally screwed up!)
  • Keeping the house clean (it's a never ending job)
  • Getting over a major sinus headache and hurting nose and ears...UGH, my immune system is a joke when I'm pregnant. But like a cruel, sick joke, not a funny one. 

I also determined our needs for our little boy. Currently, we could use some more pairs of pants for 3 months, 6 months, and up, and some more onesies or t-shirts for about 9 months and up. We are pretty much set for the tiny clothes (even though those are the cutest to buy). We also don't really have any baby boy socks or shoes (but I told my mother that I don't really want many shoes smaller than size 3, because what's the point if they can't walk yet--they get almost no use).

Aside from clothing, we need diapers of all sizes (I prefer Luvs and Target brand for Tenley, but I hear it can vary from child to child so that will be interesting!), unscented wipes, a bigger carseat for Tenley (she's getting kicked out of hers once her brother arrives), and some kind of double stroller. We are still trying to figure out what car seat and stroller to look for.

Buying guide (this is mainly for family):

Little boy Gunnell will be about 3 months in May (warm weather)
He'll be about 6 months in August (also warm)
9 months in November (the weather will be much cooler so we will need some warm pants and sweaters/sweatshirts)
And 1 year by February! (still cold so long sleeves and pants)

The reason I care so much about getting the right type of clothes this time around is because it seems like a lot of what Tenley was given was not size appropriate for the time of year or weather it was intended for. And the list of things we need for this guy is so short because we have tons of blankets and burp clothes and things like that from Tenley and really, you don't need all the other stuff that people say you do. Diapers and wipes are expensive enough, so save for those!

I am so happy that there will be a fourth member of our family joining us in about three months! I love our little family so much and I am constantly wondering what this little boy will look like and how he will be similar to or different from Tenley. I just can't believe there's so little time left to wait! And I also can't believe that I'll be in the third trimester in about 2 weeks! What the heck! (Plus, I'm having mixed feelings about that because I love how I feel in the second trimester, and third trimester is when things get hard(er) physically again).

So tell me, other moms, how did your second pregnancies differ from the first? How did your children's personalities vary or were they similar? Any ideas for helping my sinus problems?? (I've taken warm showers and Sudafed (very sparingly though), as well as Tylenol for my headache (otherwise I seriously could not take care of Tenley because my head is pounding)). If you have any comments or questions, I'd love them! And I'll try to do a more interesting post with pictures eventually, I just can't right now.

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