Saturday, November 8

Family Fridays

Our family loves Fridays because Fridays Dalin doesn't work (except for a two/three-hour meeting every other week or so) and we have the whole day together. For us, our family days are very important because we really are each other's best friends. We love spending time with just the three (and a half;) of us and can't wait to see how our family will change as it grows. 

Right now, I really just can't wait to see what our little boy looks like and what his personality is. Will he be just like his sister or completely his own person? He is going to be so loved once he arrives! (Not that he isn't already, but you know...).

I cannot imagine our life right now without Tenley. She adds so much to our daily happiness and it's impossible to picture life without her. She is literally one of our best friends and we have some very fun (and funny) times introducing her to new foods, activities, and places. She makes me want a dozen more babies just like her (though I think we'll shoot for 4-7 depending on which one of us has our way;).

It's like when Michael Scott from The Office said that he just wanted to "get married and have 100 kids, so I can have 100 friends, and no one can say no to being my friend." Classic Michael. But really, the more the merrier in my opinion! 

Anyhow, yesterday we had some car maintenance to be done (including some factory recalls to be addressed) and so we were shuttled to the mall and stuck there for three hours. Honestly, the time went by much quicker than I expected. And we had a lot of fun with Tenley in the kids' play area and just browsing the stores (including Charming Charlie's! They got one at the University Mall! (I'd been to the one in Boise a few times). It's an awesome store for jewelry and accessories, plus it's not too expensive and seems to be high quality in my opinion!).

Here are some photos from our time at the mall (darn iPhone photos...the quality is very poor):

Tenley doing her creeper-ish smile

Just being her cute self.
We love this blue-eyed girl!

Her serious face (shortly before going down the slide:)

She can even make crawling through a tunnel look boring...

Until you see how happy she was in reality:)

She's pretty:)
After the mall, we were shuttled back to our car (and got our bill for $0...the perks of leasing a car:) and then headed home for a rest until our favorite babysitter--my cousin, Whitney--came over to watch Tenley for Dalin and me, allowing us to go to the temple for the first time in forever.

Can I just tell you how WONDERFUL it was to go and get away from the business of the world and spend some time with Dalin re-committing ourselves to our faith and to one another. It seriously made me want to go back today (Saturday), but babies come with responsibilities. Also, my temple dress was SUPER tight on my pregnant belly (it was the dress I got sealed to Dalin for eternity in:) and probably won't last many more visits in the next few months (everyone who I spoke with kept assuming I was due any time now because my belly looked so huge in the too-small dress).

Now Dalin is at work for the evening, but we spent the morning and early afternoon together eating our favorite Peruvian food (at Se Llama Peru on Center Street...we love that place so much) and visiting the AWESOME Bean Museum on BYU campus (which is literally across the street and a few buildings down from where we live!). Who knew we had such a cool place so close by!? It had tons of animals to look at and a children's play area. It even has a gift shop! Weird that there is a gift shop four minutes from my apartment and I had no idea until today...anyway, it's a great place to bring kids, especially because it's free! We'll definitely be going back there.

He's a cutie. 

Me with my Peruvian Inca Kola (it's not healthy at all, but the times I get it are few and far between) and a very tired baby girl. 

Well our apartment is in an embarrassing state right now (Tenley found a few new drawers to get into recently--ahhhh!) so I had better tend to those messes and more importantly, my favorite daughter!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
P.S. Because I might have confused a few people with my baby names post from yesterday, I just wanted to clarify that we are indeed having a boy! But I totally plan on having more babies so I have boy and girl names on there for future reference:)

P.P.S. (or P.S.S...?) I'm currently on my last week in the second trimester! It's bittersweet because I love the second trimester best of all, but I am happy to be getting to the last round of this pregnancy of course, too.

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