Monday, October 20

Pumpkins With My Baby Pumpkin

On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with Dalin's parents and sisters (Cassie and Jensen), our brother-in-law (Shay), and our nephew (Maddox). We did the same thing last year and had so much fun and now that Tenley is a year old and can appreciate it a little better, it was a lot more fun! (I really cannot believe that next year at this time we'll have a two-year old and an 8-month old!!! Whatttt.)

Here are some photos from the day.
It was a little too sunny for Tenley's taste but she looked so stinking cute...
Her and dad both...we all have sensitive blue eyes :P
Grandpa gave Maddox and Tenley a ride in the wheelbarrow
I never know what to do with my hands...on the belly
Or below...? Two pregnancies and I still can't figure it out.
Baby model. I love the mouse ears on her sweatshirt:)
I love this guy. He also happens to be my bff and my husband so that's lucky:]
Love our cutie brother and sister-in-law and nephew:) They're great.
We took a hayride over to the pumpkin patch which was fun and also scratchy (the hay is super itchy but it's all part of the experience I suppose), and Tenley seemed to love it. The ride anyway, maybe not the hay or the fact that I wouldn't let her climb on it and possibly fall off. 
Tenley had a mini meltdown on the hayride. But it was so cute I laughed and took pictures because she is a cute crier. 
Dalin picked out a giant yellow pumpkin (it's really cool), mine was just round and orange (with a curly stem--I always go for the prettiest stem), and Tenley's was a little baby one of course. She loved holding it which was so cute, though she kept freaking out because of the prickly stem (but then still held it anyway).
Love Maddox's face
Tenley's face hahaha...must be a heavy pumpkin
Only Mom was prepared...silly babies;)
It was a good time and later in the evening, Jensen and I carved the lid off my pumpkin and dug the seeds out to bake them! We had done the same thing last year and they seemed--if possible--even better this year!

If you are interested, here's the steps we used (I don't have pics because they were so delicious we ate them in like an hour but if I get the chance to make more, I'll add some!):

1. Collect the pumpkin seeds
2. Pull out as much of the squash as you can
3. Rinse the seeds in a colander to get as much of the pumpkin off as possible
4. Simmer in boiling water and about 1 or 2 Tbsp of salt for 10 minutes
5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
6. Spread seeds out in a single layer on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil (mix around the sheet, then spread out)
7. Sprinkle 1-2 tsp of sugar across the seeds
8. Bake for 15-20 minutes (checking on seeds occasionally--they should be turning brown on the edges)
9. Remove and let cool. Test a few seeds, sprinkle more salt (and seasoning if desired) if necessary (the first time we did need more salt, the second time we didn't)
10. EAT THEM ALL! They are much better warm. I would maybe start preparing them 45 minutes before you need them (aka, if you're having a party or something)

So that's that. They're easy and delicious and they're also really good for you!

Jensen and I had so much fun making them (and they were eaten so fast) that we carved Mom's pumpkin and made another batch! That's how good they were.

Later that evening, the family played this fun board game called Masterpiece which I had never heard of but I really liked it. It's a blast and it helped that during our second game I got extremely lucky and won! Anyway, if you are looking for a good family game, I would look that one up! I'm going to try to acquire it one way or another (they don't make them anymore, so I'm checking ebay and some thrift shops where my mom has had great luck with board games before).

Well, I've got to unpack from this past weekend and re-pack for some adventures that will be taking place over the next week that you'll hear more about later.

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