Saturday, December 6

I'm So Pregnant.

Have you seen that funny Youtube video: "I'm So Pregnant"? It's pretty silly and some people think the mom tries too hard to be funny, but I definitely think it is more funny when you're actually pregnant and those things are happening to you (like nearly peeing yourself...even just a little bit--having a baby has basically rendered my muscle control in certain places completely useless). 

Anyway, I saw it one time when I was pregnant with Tenley and that song is stuck in my head lately mostly because every time I look in the mirror I think: "Dang. I'm so pregnant." And yet I still have (potentially) about 8-9 weeks to go! It's difficult to remember if I was this big at this point with Tenley. I'll have to compare my end weight once I get there. With Tenley, I was 136 lbs at my heaviest. I'm about 15 lbs behind right now, but there's definitely time for that to change! 

I can't believe we meet this little guy in less than two months! Ahh! I don't know how to be a mom to a boy! (I'm sure I'll figure it out quick though and thankfully having two brothers and mostly male cousins and friends growing up should have provided me with a little insight--at least, you'd think).

Mostly though, I can't wait to see his features and learn his personality and how he differs from Tenley. I also can't wait until Dalin and Tenley can finally get to know him. I feel like he's going to be a little more tender than his sister (he kicks quite often but he isn't (at least, not yet) the thrashing kicker that his sister was). But then, Tenley was the most mellow newborn ever and now she's an independent and strong-willed little stinker (whom we love more than I could possibly say) so who knows?

Speaking of Tenley, I always find it hilarious when church leaders or family members tell us what an angel she is. One Sunday, we were informed that she was the easiest one in nursery and the only child who stayed seated when she was supposed to (you can't imagine my surprise when I heard this--she's usually super active--I thought they might have been thinking of the wrong kid but someone else paid us the same compliment). Whenever we have a family member babysit her, they tell us how perfect she was and that she didn't cry even once (this is always a relief to hear but I can honestly tell you that is not the case when it's just her and I at home!). I mean, she totally is a wonderful and incredibly fun little girl--but she definitely has a strong personality and she's not afraid to show it around mom and dad. 

Of course tonight, at the ward Christmas party, she was having a very difficult time (mainly, I think, because we skipped nap time today...which I always regret doing, yet it still happens) and so she was super wiggly and cranky--even more so than usual. I think it was also hard because she saw other kids running around the Wilk ballroom where the party was held, and I wouldn't let her do the same because I was trying to get her to eat (which she has not been good about lately...she's a grazer). Still, while we were there, I had about four or five people make the comment that Tenley is such an angel in nursery and that she is so cute and sweet. I love to hear that, but since I personally was having a difficult time with her at the present moment, all I could do was kind of laugh and say, "Yes, she's very well-behaved for everyone else..." Then I would add that she still is pretty easy for me as far as kids go, she just has her moments (don't we all...). Thankfully, they all knew what I meant. I really am lucky to have such an overall happy and loving little girl (she absolutely loves hugging and kissing babies and children--she does it so frequently that other little children will push her away because they grow tired of her trying to kiss them, haha). 

Anyway, I just can't help but wonder how her brother will be in comparison. I really just hope that he is healthy and that he becomes best friends with Tenley. And that she doesn't torture him, because I could see him getting whacked on the head pretty frequently. If we survive the first three months, I'm sure they'll be the best of friends. I just hope that my recovery is as quick and smooth as it was with Tenley! And that breastfeeding isn't challenging (because I've been told that it can vary from kid to kid). Regardless though, I know it will work out somehow and be great, even if I have to become a hermit for the first half of spring. 

How different (or similar) were your first two kids? Did you make any major changes with child #2? (For example, I'm pretty sure we'll still half co-sleep with this little guy for the sake of convenience when nursing him but now that Tenley is completely out of our bed, I'm a little more than slightly tempted to keep all the babies out of our room (I really miss having space to spread out at night...). But we'll have to see how he is, I think). 

(By the way, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and feeling good...I just get tired quite easily--having an active toddler is no joke when you're like 8 months pregnant--and my back hates letting me sleep comfortably, and my bladder loves making me pee way too frequently, but other than that, I am great. I can't wait for Christmas and I'm simply very happy with where I'm at. 

Hoping you're all feeling a little lighter on your feet than I am at the moment! 
(Oh--and here is that video I mentioned at the top for you to check out if you feel so inclined. Remember it's dumb, but if you're pregnant you might appreciate it a little bit:P )

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  1. I think it is universal that children are generally better behaved with others than with their parents. It's like they know they need to be sweet and well behaved. Our three year old can put on quite the show when we have company and then they leave and she tears the house apart! Crazy kiddos! - I love reading your blog and our family is praying for yours!


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