Tuesday, December 30

Tenley's Skills & Milestones at 16 Months

Here is a fun little fairly large update on Tenley's progress at 16+ months. I am sure there are other things that she has learned since I wrote this post and several things that I'm forgetting, but the point is, I wrote most of them down. Also, I clearly could not choose just a few pictures. There was too much adorableness to let you miss out on any of it. 

So don't worry, you won't;-)

Her vocabulary includes: 
"ni'-ni'" for night night
"bapa" (grandpa)
"bama" (grandma)
"mo'" (more)
"mil'" (milk)
"baw" (ball)
"dee-dee" or "dee-sus" for Jesus
"den-si" for Jensie (or Jensen)
"yes"/ "eh"
"uh oh"
"mo" for no
"told" for cold

When we ask her: "What does a ___ say?" She responds with: 
"moo" for cow
"pbbbbt!" for horse
"hoo! hoo!" for owl
"ah-ah-ah!" for monkey
"bah!" for sheep
[whistles] for bird
"ssssss" for snake
"arrr" for lion
"arp!" for dog
"bak, bak, bak" for chicken
"mu-mu" for cat
[crinkles her nose and sniffs] for rabbit
[clicks tongue and pinches fingers like claws] for lobster
[pretends to cry and rub eyes] for "babies on the bus" (from Wheels on the Bus)
"shh, shh, shh!" for "mamas on the bus" with her finger to her lips
"beep-beep-beep" for "the horn on the bus" while pretending to honk a horn
"swish, swish, swish" for "the wipers on the bus" with the movement
"moo, moo, moo" for "the driver on the bus says 'move on back'" while sliding her thumb back and forth

Body parts she knows:
her eyes
her ears
her nose (her finger always goes right in it so we are reluctant to ask her to show us now)
her mouth/lips/tongue/teeth
her head and hair
her neck
her chest
her belly
her belly button
her butt
her knees
her hands
her feet
her toes
her armpits

She signs: 
"thank you"
"all done"
"hello" and "goodbye"
"hungry" or "food"
"i love you" (but now she just wants to blow a kiss for this instead of actually signing it)

Random things she does:
She does high-fives and "pound it" with her fist
She loves shaking hands--you grab her hand and say "Nice to meet you!" then she gets a big smile and moves on to the next person
She glares on command (we say: "Tenley, glare!" and she does. It's hilarious)
She laughs and smiles on command (though not quite so easily for pictures)
She goes to bed with very little fussing (unless she's had a hard day...you know, missed a nap or something)
She dances with her arms mostly (fist-pumping) but her head and feet, too
She fetches her diapers and wipes for me when I need to change her
She "blows" her nose whenever she finds a tissue, wipe, or piece of TP
She puts things in the trash for us
She points at things on command
She will spank her own bum (which is basically her hip) and smile when I ask her if she needs a spanking
She fetches her sippy cup, water bottles, books, the remote, lotion, cereal, her shoes, snacks, her bib, her toys (mainly her baby, her black bear, her giraffe, or her owls), and anything I can point at. She pretty much understands everything we tell her now.
She will put things away or pick them up (though usually only if we help her, otherwise she tends to ignore us)
She folds her arms for prayer and randomly; she also folds them when I say "reverent"
She always pulls one of her arms out of her shirt so it's sort of an "off the shoulder" style--but only if it's long-sleeved...like ALL of her pajamas (see pics)
She will feel her diaper, then nod yes when I asked her if she pooped
She starts taking her clothes off (as fast as she can) if I say "shower" or turn the shower on (because she's scared I won't let her play in the water while I shower if she doesn't hurry and get undressed
She turns the TV off or on on command
She eats with her toddler fork
She winks her eye(s) (about 60% of the time she actually just blinks both eyes)
She blows on her food when we tell her it's hot
She has an obsession with our phones, laptops, and the dustpan
She also has an obsession with purses and bags--mine and anyone else's
She knocks on the bathroom door and says "dad! dad!" whenever Dalin is in the shower

She looks quite a bit bigger in pictures than she is. I think it's partly because I'm small. Every time people meet her they tell me she's a lot smaller than she looks in pictures. I guess the camera adds ten pounds or something:P

She loves:
baths and showers...or any time she can touch water
putting on lotion and chapstick and brushing her hair and must do these things every time she sees us doing them
her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. pretty much everyone she knows
eating and snacking. any time, all the time
milk--especially in the morning
playing outside. she runs out as soon as the door is open...even if she's naked and it's freezing
making Dalin and I laugh (she thinks it's funny)
copying Dalin and I at everything. She's pretty sure she is a tiny adult
kissing and hugging everyone, but especially other children and babies
being picked up (and putting her head on your shoulder if she's tired)
rocking in the chair with daddy
being tickled! she literally begs for "mo'" after we stop
snuggling at nighttime and in the morning in particular
sleeping right up against mom with as much of her body touching mom as possible--which means a very uncomfortable night for mom no matter how cute and snuggly Tenley is
climbing on the bed
finding our laptops (unless they are 100% out of reach), dragging them to the couch, opening them and hitting the keyboard
same with our phones
the free baby apps that we let her play with on our phones (hey, she knows a good portion of the alphabet now so I think it's probably not that bad a thing)

Also, she is still obsessed with the song "Frozen Heart" from Frozen. She has loved it since she was a baby (she would cut off mid-cry once it started) and even though we were sick of that soundtrack and didn't play it for several months, she remembered it and immediately calmed down when we started playing it again. We only listened to it about 52 times in the car on the way to and from Idaho for Christmas.

A few of her favorites:
Food- Welch's fruit snacks, pomegranate seeds, cereal, red bell peppers, cheese, pasta, rice
Toys- her baby dolls, her black bear (from Clark's Trading Post), Jack the giraffe (from GG Gunnell), and her collection of owls! (one from Harry Potter World, Swoop from mommy, and Spells from Santa)
Drink- whole milk
Clothing- she gravitates toward clothing with leopard print but she'd rather wear nothing at all
Songs- Frozen Heart from Frozen, Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn Popping
Activity- Pretty much anything mommy or daddy is doing
Word- Probably "more." She says it all the time 

She hates: 
having any part of her body wiped--her bum, her hands, her face, her feet...
getting her finger nails or toe nails clipped (that is, after the first three or so are done)
getting her teeth brushed (unless she does it herself)
going to bed by herself (but she does it...she just whines "mommy" until she falls asleep)
getting in and out of the car a million times (she hates being buckled and unbuckled that many times)
long car rides. like driving from Provo to Boise and back
when I send her back to bed in the middle of the night
banging/bruising her head...but she sure does it an awful lot
being told "no" (as in no more chocolate;) or "stop"
highchairs. especially when we won't let her escape from them which is always

And for your amusement, here are some angry photos of Tenley. She makes some great faces:)

So that's pretty much what I have for now on Tenley. She is our favorite girl and the sweetest and smartest little baby we know. Dalin and I are both so thankful for daughters. They really are made of sugar and spice and everything nice;-)

If you know us, can you think of any other things that you've seen Tenley do that I forgot to mention?

Happy almost New Year's Eve! :-)


  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  2. i love all those pictures, especially the one with the gloves--tenley's face is so adorable! and this list of her skills/interests will be so valuable when we're all ancient and it's hard to remember things. great idea!


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