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Mushy Post About Dalin 10315

Sorry to get all mushy on you (as you know I sometimes do), but I really just have to share how much I love my husband, Dalin. He puts up with so much crap from me (namely my whining and complaining about lots of silly little things mostly) and is so patient. He is the complete opposite of me in that regard--while I become easily frustrated, he has the ability to remain calm almost no matter the situation. (I've literally seen/heard him get "really" mad one time (it wasn't even at me) which was when he thought his expensive golf clubs had been stolen).

Like any great husband, Dalin is especially wonderful when he knows I am in need. Like now during the last few weeks of pregnancy. My body is just small and weak and since I seem to make fairly big babies (Tenley was 8lbs 3oz and nobody could believe she came out of me), I just ache terribly with the additional weight. My back, feet, and stomach seem to suffer especially. At my 34ish week appointment I weighed 128lbs. With Tenley, my highest weight was 136lbs so as you can imagine, I'm feeling very close to my limit at this point. I am uncomfortable and tired, my back is sore from being pulled forward by my massive baby bump, and chasing a young toddler who doesn't fully grasp the concept of "No" or of listening is just hard and exhausting. Much more so than the first time around. I am therefore incredibly thankful for how helpful Dalin has been to me in these past few weeks in particular.

One thing I've noticed is that the longer we have been together, the less frequent (and less stupid) our arguments have become. I have also started to feel almost a sense of balance in our marriage that I am not sure was fully present until recently. We now know each other so well and have matured in several ways over the years together (and I am certain we will continue to do so in the infinity to come). Now there is what I would describe as a deeper understanding between us. Our love is more sincere and sweet than it ever was. Our friendship and our sense of companionship has increased to a point that is so very different from when we were first married. We are still as playful as ever and our joking and laughs with one another have not ceased, but our mutual respect for each other's desires and goals has increased. It is so true what they say about husbands and wives becoming more and more like each other (and it makes sense, especially when you're around each other almost 24/7). I just truly feel like when it's the two of us, we bring out the best in each other.

Anyway, here are some great things about Dalin that I just love:

  1. He helps around the house. Sometimes I feel like I am asking too much of Dalin when he already works full time and attends school full time, but he doesn't complain (maybe he groans jokingly when I first ask him, but that's merely his attempt to be funny;). He also definitely has gotten better at helping without me having to ask him. From taking out the trash, to carrying the laundry out to the laundry building, to changing Tenley's diapers, and picking up the after-dinner mess I usually leave behind, he is so great and I appreciate him doing those things more than he knows.
  2. He thinks of clever and creative gifts. Dalin is really good at finding gifts that I will love which (though I think I'm pretty easy to shop for because I like almost anything) is impressive considering I rarely ask for anything or give him ideas of what I want. He comes up with fun, special gifts that he knows I'll treasure. He also knows how much I love experiences, like when he surprised me with a night at a hotel for Mother's Day last year (he even packed my bag:). I love that about him. It's obvious that a lot of thought goes into those things and that honestly and truly means more to me than the gift itself. 
  3. He listens to me and supports me when I have an idea. When I tell Dalin that I want to be better at scripture-reading, or tell him that I don't think we should watch a certain show, or when I tell him that I'd like him to do something a little bit more often, he listens. He tells me he will try to do better and supports me. It makes communicating with him so much easier and I am so thankful we established that early in our marriage. 
  4. He is a very patient and caring dad to Tenley. Like I mentioned before, Dalin is a very patient and calm person. It takes a lot for him to get mad. When he's upset, he is much more rational than I am. I have a short fuse and get worked up with little effort. Dalin never gets mad at Tenley...if she is misbehaving, he handles it much better than I usually do. He is a really good example to me of the kind of parent I want to be. 
  5. He is very wise and intelligent. Dalin is really smart and retains information much better than I do. People will sometimes think he is taciturn or shy because he does not always say a lot but that is because he doesn't just talk to talk (unlike me, you can't really get me to stop talking). He only speaks up when he has something to add to the conversation. He rarely puts his foot in his mouth (ha, also unlike me...) and people value his opinion because he gives it after much consideration. I love this about him because he helps me to be more cautious when I speak. He forces me to be more aware of what I am saying and helps me to get my point across more clearly. I really appreciate this quality in him. 
  6. He helps me to see myself more positively. I can be really negative about myself. For example, I get frustrated when I am having a bad hair day or whatever but Dalin always makes me feel pretty and valued. He makes me feel just as pretty without makeup as he does when I have obviously spent a good amount of time getting ready. He never makes me feel jealous of other women because he is completely loyal to me and never does or says anything that makes me feel like I'm being compared. My heart is full of love toward him for that loyalty. 
You can tell I'm a really lucky wife, right? Oh, I just love Dalin so much and am so happy to be his wife. I am so thankful for the wonderful friend that he is to me and for how much joy he brings our family. I hope I can become more like him in many aspects. 

What are the qualities you really love in your husband (or would love in a future one)?

I always find I am much happier when I focus on the good in my spouse and pay him those compliments so he is aware that I noticed them. 

Hope you have started your New Year off on the right foot! Happy 2015:)

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  1. I feel like Devin and I have found a new rhythm too, maybe it's just being married 2-3 years that does it! And this post reminded me of Devin: everyone thinks he's quiet & I'm the talkative one, but that's just bc he's waiting to make a meaningh contribution. Also, I'll be praying your body aches get better!


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