Sunday, January 11

Happy List for Sunday

Five things caused me to feel extra happy today:

One. Knowing that in about 3 weeks (or less than 4 certainly) our little boy will be here for us to enjoy! I can't wait to meet him and love him and snuggle him. I know that Tenley is going to be the sweetest, most helpful sister--she already adores babies and particularly the one in my belly:) Whenever he gives me a particularly painful kick causing me utter "ow!" she runs over and hugs my belly and kisses it with a loud and exaggerated "mwah!" then she looks up at me to make sure I'm okay. She is the most darling little love.

Two. Watching Downton Abbey this evening. I'm so happy it's back! I wish all TV shows were done as well as Masterpiece Classics. I still haven't really gotten over the deaths of Matthew and especially Sybil, but I still love the show. If only I could make Dalin love it as much as he loves football;)

Three. Witnessing as Tenley's personality grows and develops--especially recently. She is a little comedian and quite the actress. I feel like such a bad mom when I--unintentionally of course--laugh at her naughty behavior but it's just hilarious to me that so little and young a person could learn certain facial expressions (and when to use them) so accurately.

Tenley has an extra vibrant personality at home--not that she doesn't around other people--she loves other people, especially when they give her attention--but she can be slow to reveal her personality right away in new situations. Like in nursery: she stands silently in the doorway for the first ten minutes looking at everyone like hey what am I doing here before she suddenly starts to play and interact. I've especially loved seeing her learn so many things recently, including several new words such as "up please" to get picked up, "bib," "piece" if I ask her if she wants a piece of something, and random phrases that she copies from Dalin and me like "ow" and "oops" and "shoes." I am thankful that her personality is so outgoing and friendly. She will go to anyone (if she doesn't go to a person on a particular day, it's only because she's in a bad mood and probably just wants mom) and she says "hello" to people randomly at restaurants and stores, which everyone loves. They're always surprised when Tenley starts yelling "hi! hi!" at them.

I'm also amazed at how smart she is for being 17 months old (tomorrow). During the sacrament portion at Church today, which we usually have to take in the hallway because of one wiggly member of our family, Tenley saw the bread trays being passed a mile away and started asking for "mo'? mo'?" in what seemed like a very loud voice for such a quiet meeting. But it was so funny to us because she's mostly only taken the sacrament in the hallway while playing and so we were surprised that she even recognized what the trays meant. Anyway, that's just one example, but she really makes me so happy to be her mom.

Four. The weather today wasn't exactly summery--the temperature hung around 40 degrees all day, but compared with some of the cold we've experienced lately it felt wonderful outside! Plus, the snow melting in large amounts, revealing the wet grass underneath made me feel like spring was already on it's way! Sadly, spring doesn't officially begin until March 20th, but I can still pretend.

Five. Making it to Church on time! Our new time is 8am and Relief Society is first and because I'm a teacher, I couldn't just arrive at my leisure. Even better, I loved the lesson on the first great commandment, which is to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. When we love Him first, everything in our lives can then fall into place. Loving Him first will also help us to be able to properly love our spouses, children, and others. Really it's a complete win for anyone that makes loving God their first priority.

Well, I'm kind of exhausted and this post turned into a lot of rambling from me, but I hope your Sabbath day was a peaceful, happy one. And if it was, what made you happy today?

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