Thursday, January 29

My Mom is Here!

Hooray! My mom flew in to Salt Lake last night and actually arrived half an hour early which was a surprise considering the snow situation in New Hampshire and the fact that her layover was in Chicago--possibly my least favorite airport (though least efficient would have to go to Orlando...).

It was so good to see her but I feel like I've been really calm about it because her being here means that I'm having a baby tomorrow. And that means I should feel nervous or something, but right now, I just feel like it isn't happening. It's so different than with Tenley (so far) where Dalin and I were going stir crazy with anticipation. It is just hard to believe that we will have two kids tomorrow. I don't know, it's weird.

I'm not even feeling as excited as I was earlier in the week/month because I think if I let myself get too excited then my emotions will be just a step away from hitting "nervous" and I don't want to go there.

But I will admit that yesterday, I kept thinking it would be today. I was having some cramping/contraction-like things and lots of pelvis pressure/lower back pressure but they were all over the place. They would be regular for a while, then I would sit or stand or lay down and they would continue in a different pattern. So I'm thinking they are probably Braxton Hicks, which I didn't have with Tenley so they're kind of new to me. But they stink--like what's the point of cramping if they aren't leading to a baby is what I want to know... They are driving me crazy today. But they're still not painful or regular enough for me to call Dalin at work just yet. Somehow it's only 12:30 though so I guess there is time for things to change.

As far as the induction goes, the hospital is supposed to call me today and have me schedule it for tomorrow morning. It's weird how they wait so last would it really be that big a deal to plan for an induction and then cancel it if I went into labor a day or two beforehand? Apparently yes, because they haven't called. Maybe it will feel more real when we have set a time (which will probably be like 6am by the way...they only have early or late options).

But today has been great so far. The apartment was pretty clean to begin with thanks to my overactive nesting instincts or whatever, but my mom helped me conquer three giant loads of laundry (even though we had to pay in tons of quarters because my student ID card (which usually gives us a big discount) is in the car with Dalin--darn it) and I feel so much better having that huge load (literally) out of our room and put away.

We spent part of the morning going through the new clothes for baby boy and 18 month clothes for Tenley (though she is mostly in 12 month clothes still...she even fits in 9 month stuff). We also had fun looking at Dalin's birthday gifts which I can't wait to give him one week from today when he turns 25! :)

I guess my short list of things to try and get done today includes:

  • Call the hospital if they don't call me first
  • Wash the dishes (there are like five, but I'm too lazy to do them right now)
  • Tidy up Tenley's room a little more
  • Sort through the "get rid of" pile of stuff that has formed over the last couple of weeks (sort into donate or sell piles)
  • Write up Tenley's typical nighttime schedule for my mom
  • Go through the random piles that accumulate on the kitchen table and the shelf in our room and toss stuff/put it away
  • Make a shopping list for my mom (or find the one I started weeks ago...)
  • Try to nap
  • Shower...eventually
  • Spend some last alone time with Tenley
  • Work on my last essay for class (if I'm feeling ambitious...)

It's so nice to have my mom here. I am a little worried I'll come to rely on her too much over the next three weeks and then it will be disastrous (for me) when she leaves, but I'm sure it will be okay. Everything will all work out.

Please let me know if you have any last-minute "to do" items for me to accomplish today or advice/comforting words for tomorrow! I'm just praying and praying that my labor is truly easier the second time around (as I've heard from so many moms!)

Lots of love!

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  1. have a safe and easy delivery your mom is there for support and help so take what u can get. hugs to all


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