Sunday, January 25

The End In Sight

Only four more days of carrying this baby around inside me (and maybe less, but let's be honest...four days it is;). It's weird to know that. I know I missed small moments of Tenley being inside me when she was a newborn, but right now I just am getting so anxious to have my body back. The extra weight is very hard on me and my weakling back and legs. They just aren't used to it. I am not too worried about losing the baby weight--it came off fairly fast thanks to breastfeeding (I did virtually no exercise after having Tenley...I'm way too lazy for that, so it probably took a little longer than it otherwise would have. Since it was winter during that time I didn't care too much though).

I just want to be able to reach things on the top shelf without having my giant belly set me back several inches (plus I'm already short so it's hard all around)! I want to be able to walk in a store without my feet throbbing after half an hour. I want to see how crazy my stretch marks get (since they got worse for me after I had Tenley) once my belly is gone. (Speaking of stretch marks--they have appeared all over my belly-button area. I had almost none there with Tenley and definitely not before delivery. I do have fewer on my hips and butt than before, but darn it, my belly got hit big time).

But that's the complaining part of my rant--I just do not enjoy being this size. But the good things are coming, too! Like snuggling and smelling and kissing a new baby! Just seeing his face is going to be so wonderful. And I'm kind of excited to start breastfeeding again (yeah, I'm crazy) because I love that bond it creates between mom and baby, and I miss those quiet, tender moments that come with it. (Of course, who knows how quiet they'll actually be with a toddler around...)

Plus I like knowing that nursing helps to shrink me back to my normal size. And it's so much easier (and by this, I mainly mean more convenient) than having to make a bottle or spoon-feed a baby. The bad news is there is the potential for soreness since I haven't breastfed for like 7-8 months. Also, I just learned that the more children you have, the greater the cramps when you first start to breastfeed as it helps shrink your uterus back to size more efficiently. Darn. But it's worth it. Hopefully I'll be singing the same tune next week...I guess we'll see! Also, if you're a second-time mom like I am, I am not sure I recommend googling breastfeeding cramps second baby...everything I read made me feel sick to my stomach with anxiety about it. I will have to let you know how they go for me. Supposedly they last about two weeks tops! Yikes.

Anyway, four days until my sweet little boy gets here. We are between two names right now and I guess it will just come down to what he looks like because we really want to use both names. Luckily though we will at least know what our next boy and girl will be named after this guy's born!

Please, please, please if you have any suggestions/advice/whatever about the postpartum cramping that comes with breastfeeding subsequent children, share it all! My pain tolerance is really low so I might just be taking lots of tylenol (and by lots I mean body responds to really low doses) to cope! 

Also, wish me luck! I am excited about being induced, but it's always scary with all of the unknowns! Any and all prayers this Friday will be so appreciated:)

P.S. Here is my 38 weeks picture, which all of my Facebook/Instagram friends have probably seen.


  1. Praying for you Blog Friend. Anxious to see what name you choose!

    My best friend just had her second boy this past week. They were down to Elias or Silas and had been for months. He came out and her husband said, "I think he is an Asher." She looked and agreed so we now have Asher in our lives. Also, since I am expecting my own #2 I have been asking lots of questions. She made no mention of cramping being any worse this time around. She did say that both labor and delivery were much easier/hours faster than her first! She was induced both times so praying the same is true for you!

    1. Hey Amy, I just re-read your comment and I was thinking about you and your baby! I can't remember exactly when you're due but I'm excited for you! Also, cramping was bad for me but only at the hospital. I had the worst period cramps and they were just like those only thankfully only for a few minutes after I nursed. Honestly, mine were worse than my labor but that was because my labor was easy since I had the epidural and couldn't feel a thing. In perspective, the cramps weren't very long and I only had them for about two days so it really wasn't bad. Hopefully yours don't last long also or better yet that you don't get any! And your friend's experience was true to mine--it was so much faster this time! Thanks for your prayers--they worked!:)


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