Monday, January 26

Which Belly is Bigger?

Remember this photo? My wonderful friend and photographer, Samantha Rizzo took this photo a year and a half ago (how has it even been that long!?) when I was pregnant with Tenley. In fact, she took this photo on my due date, which was August 5th. Unfortunately, our cute little stinker didn't join us for another week (and that was only because we forced her out at 41 weeks--thank goodness we did though because she barely came out as it was--my doctor was about ready to give me a c-section but thankfully the forceps worked just in time!).

In comparison, this time we're forcing our little guy out a week before his due date (this Friday if you haven't heard!!!), but I'm pretty sure it's a good move considering I weighed 136 lbs at my biggest with Tenley (my starting weight was around 103) and I currently weigh 134.5 lbs with a starting weight of 96. So I've actually gained more this time and I feel as though the weight is definitely more concentrated in my belly (which would explain the new stretch marks that are making their way past my belly button). 

Being pregnant with Tenley during the summer meant I stored a lot of water weight. Especially during the last month, I remember feeling like my face, arms, and thighs were huge and my legs and feet were super swollen. This time, my feet don't appear swollen at all to me (one pro of being pregnant in the winter!). But I remember after Tenley was born when the crazy swelling finally went down, I couldn't stop looking at my feet and commenting on how small they looked. They kind of looked bony or anorexic after being blown up like balloons for so long! It was weird. Even though I haven't swollen up the same way, I still think this boy is going to be pretty big--even though he's coming two weeks before his sister did--because all the weight seems to be wholly directed to my belly. As you can see here: 

Anyway, I am seriously counting down the moments until he is coming out. I just have to stay entertained from Tuesday to Thursday. Meanwhile, I'm working on taking lots of naps and enjoying the last moments I'll have alone with Tenley. I'm also continuing to try and prepare her for the arrival of her brother (even though we've talked about it for months) and hopefully get her excited to have a real life baby (instead of the baby dolls she carries around) in our home. 

I'm also kind of expecting my water to break at any moment (which is stupid because it breaks for like 10% of women before getting to the hospital supposedly) because the pressure on my pelvis is so intense at times. I'm simultaneously trying to satisfy my cravings to hold a newborn by looking through the photos posted by the FIVE ladies who have all given birth to sons in the last two weeks! It's definitely boy season. It's so exciting!

Apart from that, I'm just trying to stay relaxed and distracted. I'm telling myself not to stress that my mom's flight (which she had already switched in an attempt to avoid the nor'easter hitting New Hampshire and other states right now) might be delayed to Thursday or even Friday, and trying to forget that we need milk and paper towels, and that we have at least two large loads of laundry to do. It'll all work out. It just might not all get done until February;)

Well, I'd better go to bed. Hopefully I'll be going into labor any minute here and will be able to surprise you tomorrow but let's not get too excited about that. It's a fat chance;)

I'd still appreciate any thoughts or prayers you can send my way though:)

Have a lovely night! 


  1. you are one hot pregnant lady! have you ever seen the rom-com "what to expect when you're expecting"? in that movie, it follows a bunch of women through pregnancy...and i'm DEFINITELY going to be the overly-hormonal, sweaty, fat pregnant lady. you however have made it look so lovely :)

    1. Haha! That's how I thought I was gonna be, Julie! I love that movie. I think I am most like the young mom (except I WISH I looked like her) probably except for my labor and birth was more like Cameron Diaz. I didn't have any contractions until I was induced with Tenley! And I never threw up or anything (I did have some nausea at the beginning with both but only for like three or four weeks). Overall, pregnancy in general has been so different (and much better) than I expected! Hopefully you get lucky like me:)
      Also, thank you! I don't feel that cute so that makes me feel good.

  2. I LOVE that picture! So beautiful, you look radiant!


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