Thursday, February 14

Our Happy Heart Day

I am pretty spoiled. And I am so lucky to have met Dalin. This is our second Valentine's Day together. It is our second one married and our first one with a little son or daughter on the way. (It's so cool to think that this time next year we'll be spending the day with our little 6-month old!)
A heart for our little orange-sized baby ;)
Despite a long day of work and school, Dalin still had the energy to buy me a dozen yellow roses (my absolute favorites as anyone who came to my wedding should know), cinnamon hearts, chocolate bears,  and write me a poem. It was perfect because, as he knows, I love nothing more than getting flowers. He played a mean (or "funny," in his words) trick on me first though. He told me that there were no good flowers left. So I was kind of bummed but we went out to the car and there, on the passenger seat, were some beautiful roses and treats. I was so happy and so excited but I went over to Dalin and gently smacked him for pranking me then gave him a great big kiss.

For Dalin, we had gone to Kohl's over the weekend and picked out some extremely spiffy new clothes for him. And we got some sweet deals, too! We got a nice, purple dress shirt for $9! High-quality, gray dress pants for $18! And for $27, some shiny and sleek new dress shoes! I surprised Dalin with home-cooked lobster tails, rolls, and celery with cream cheese for dinner. (Our baby is going to be so spoiled...we had lobster last weekend, too!) He certainly seemed to enjoy it (as did the baby ;). There is nothing better than plain lobster and butter--the way we had it tonight tasted just the way my parents cook it (which I'll admit, is probably because I had my mom give me instructions on the phone). The lobster meat was so freaking good, I was thinking about it for hours after. I have been longing for the ocean...six months is incredibly long to go without the soft gray Atlantic sand...sigh...I'm just missing home so bad lately.

For dessert, we ate fresh raspberries and homemade chocolate covered strawberries (really romantic, eh??). And we watched the new episode of The Office, which was hilarious.

Time for some snuggling ;)
<3 <3 <3

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