Sunday, February 3

Dalin's Early Birthday

Due to our crazy schedules during the week, we decided to celebrate Dalin's 23rd birthday two days early! His birthday is really in two days, February 5th, which incidentally is exactly 6 months until the baby is due! (We planned that--actually we didn't but it's cool that it worked out that way). 

We celebrated our good friend Anthony's birthday on Friday by going out to eat at Red Robin and then returning to his apartment for a surprise party. We played Bea Arthur with friends and laughed sooo much (it's such a good party game!)

Red Robin for Anthony's bday!!
Heads being run over by a motorcycle...kind of
The party! (I was photographer)
As today was the Superbowl (and because Dalin loves football) we decided to celebrate his birthday today (sadly, because of work and school we'll only see each other for a few hours on his real birthday) and have some friends over. Only, I planned it really last minute (I'm rather bad at parties) and sort of made it an all-day thing, meaning people could show up whenever was convenient for them. 

So Daniel and Rachel came over first and ate lunch with us before the Superbowl began. We had fun talking and eating with them! Then, as the Superbowl was beginning, Jason came over, followed soon by Derek and later by Anthony. It was pretty awesome. We snacked the whole day--which I admit is not so abnormal for my husband or for pregnant me--and watched the Superbowl and its (surprisingly lame) commercials. After, we played Whoonu, which was just hilarious and then Dalin opened his gifts! I would have liked to do more but he didn't ask for anything so it was hard for me to not go overboard and spend a lot of money. Luckily my mom sent some awesome gifts which made me feel less bad. I also told Dalin about one gift that I intend to get for him (a bar and weights for his weight bench) but I do not know which brand or size to buy...

La comida...soooo unhealthy...

The cutie handsome birthday boy with balloons and a clean room (yay!!!)

Gifts! One of them (I think it's quite obvious which one) is a work in progress.

Anyway, it was so much fun to entertain (and it motivated me to clean the living room which needed it desperately...) and it made me so grateful to have such wonderful and hilarious friends. Now we just need to find them all wives! ;)

But seriously, we are very, very blessed to know such fine young men (and Rachel & Daniel, who are awesome too) and if there are any eligible single ladies out there, you would feel lucky to get to know them. 

I love that happy smile :) So dang handsome...

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  1. You're so cute! Your apartment is cute! Dalin looks so happy! Also the book you're making for him looks cool already. Even though you think that's a motorcycle sweatshirt it's still cute. ;) Well now that I've said "cute" about a million times... bye


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