Thursday, December 13

That Time My Mom Came to Utah

My Mom flew in from New Hampshire yesterday. I so wished we could have been flying out there instead, but I am just grateful she could come at all before Christmas!

I picked her up from the Salt Lake Airport around 1:30pm and we drove back to Provo.

Side note: That was the farthest our car had ever driven. 
It wasn't even that far. But our car hit 200's getting so old!  ;)

I totally cried when I saw her. I was the only weirdo standing almost directly on the "Do not cross" line where everyone who comes into Salt Lake exits and I was hopping up and down excitedly, craning my neck to see her. Her dumb plane was twenty minutes delayed which I did not realize until later as I began to wonder where the heck she was...but I was just so happy to see her. We collected her luggage and drove home chatting. 

I dropped her off at the Wilkinson Center (the Wilk) so she could browse the bookstore for an hour or two while I returned to work. When Dalin and Mom and I were all back at the apartment (which was not as clean as I would have liked), we talked and visited, Shaina and Layton came over and then we had a wonderful conversation. It was a great night and I was just so excited to have her here. We were exhausted by midnight--Mom had had to get up at 4am in New Hampshire to make her early flight and Dalin and I had gotten up at 7am (not so bad, but we're tired college students) to take Christmas pictures--so we fell asleep instantly.

Then today was great, too. Dalin and I went to work and school and my mom got to sleep in a little. When she woke up, she got right to work. She did so much laundry (I felt so bad but she insisted), and washed our dishes (which has to be done by hand), then she vacuumed, tidied up everything, and made our bed. Coming home after work was a huge surprise--it looked so wonderful. It was such a huge burden that was lifted off of me. 

Even though she did NOT have to do those things for me, I am so grateful to have my mom here to take care of us for a few days. I wish it could be longer.
Plus, we went to the mall and had a ton of fun looking at shoes, clothes, and showing her stores that we don't have in the east. Dalin has a sweet new navy down jacket that he looks SO hott in, a light denim shirt (which I have been wanting to buy for him forever...), and two v-necks (one teal, one maroon). I got some sweet shoes that I LOVE, a cute jacket that was on sale at Forever 21 (it's pinkish-purple which is a color I am not overly fond of, but I had to admit that I really liked it on), and a sparkly mint scarf. 

We got some chocolate at See's (of course)...Dalin got key lime as always, and for my mom and I we bought my new favorite, dark chocolate California peanut brittle. It is so delicious and it's the best kind of peanut brittle because you can actually bite it.

After our shopping spree (Dalin had finally had enough), we stopped by Sarah's apartment to visit with her (except, we totally have to see her again before she leaves for New Hampshire and then for her mission to Ecuador). We had a nice time talking and laughing until it felt late and we returned to the apartment to wind down.

I am so glad my mom is here. It makes me just so happy!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much. And I do not want her to leave.

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