Monday, December 17

Endings and Beginnings

Sweet relief.

Fall semester is over! I am so incredibly relieved. Already I am somewhat dreading next semester, though I am looking forward to lots and lots of changes. I will be taking classes that focus on my English major and Dalin will be doing the same with Psychology. We both have just one religion course left.

This semester, my first at BYU, went well, though I cannot deny that I prefer BYU-Idaho immensely. There is just a very different Spirit on campus there. It is much less competitive and much more fun and interesting. Despite this, I did well for my first semester here in Provo. I received an "A" in English, Spanish, and Marriage & Family. I received an "A-" in my other English class (interestingly enough, the English class I greatly preferred), and a stinking B+ in my Doctrine & Covenants class which was probably my favorite class of the semester but graded very annoyingly. The class is based off of 6 grades:

3 quizzes ............ A+, A+, A
1 essay ............... 100
Midterm ............. B
Final ................... B

Somehow all that makes a B+ which seems kind of unfair considering I did so well on everything else in the class and attended every single class (and participated), though attendance and participation apparently play no role in determining the grade.

But I (somewhat unwillingly) digress. Christmas will be here in one week and that means a LOT of things need to be done! Like actually getting gifts for my family for example...

My mom leaves Wednesday (which I can hardly bear to think about right now...I'm pretending it's not happening) and I need to hurry and prepare Christmas gifts and make plans with Dalin since we'll be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone (for the only time in our lives).

Work, school, and life are about to get significantly busier in the little Gunnell home.

But most of it, I am looking forward to ;)

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