Wednesday, November 11

Two Updated Posts

Well, I feel like I'm cheating by not writing about something new like I normally do, but today I decided to edit and add to my two most popular posts (which are only popular thanks to Pinterest...but thank you, Pinterest--I owe you;). But I think they are both quite a bit better and hopefully the new information is useful to some of you.

So here they are:

Tips on flying with a one-year old (I wanted to make it two-year old and under, but I thought changing the title might mess the link up)

Dear Pregnant Ladies: 15 Things You Ought to Know

See? I kind of cheated. I really wanted to write today but had no ideas. That's me being frank with you.

Is there anything you'd like to read about in particular? I have a post about yogurt coming up, but that nearly puts me to sleep just typing it.

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