Sunday, November 15

Questions to Ask My 24-Year Old Self

(First off) Things I think the little Gunnell family is doing right: 
  1. We are firm in our faith, our marriage, and our family. 
  2. We have plans, future goals, savings, Bachelor's degrees, and no debt! 
  3. We travel a few times a year and live comfortably in our little apartment. 

Things we could improve on (so we're in good shape when we're forty or fifty): 

  1. Are we feeding our bodies properly? We have mostly healthy eating habits, but we could probably stand to cut down on the sugary snacks and drinks. My reasons for wanting to do so are simple: in our twenties, we've been blessed with pretty amazing metabolisms so far, but when we're forty, I don't want to be feeling all those Cocoa Bean Cupcakes and sugary drinks (like my Tropical smoothies-->insert crying face emoji) that we splurge on weekly in all my flabby areas. At least we only drink soda about once every month or two which I think is reasonable. But yeah, snacks are still an that's hard to avoid when you keep snacks around for your little kids. 
  2. Are we taking care of our bodies in other ways? We could definitely exercise more. Or in my all. It's just soooo hardddd to care! Sadly wearing cute exercise clothes isn't much of a motivator for me. I used to wear athletic leggings all the time and if anything, I'm more lethargic than before. Somehow, I've got to back on track with my old exercising routine in high school. Why I cared so much then? I don't know. I guess I was playing sports at the time. But I wish that I had saved all that youthful teenage energy for now because I've never been more tired than since becaming a mom (and mostly since I became a mom of two). 
  3. Are we preparing well for the future? We could save more. We have a good emergency savings but it'd be nice to start saving for stuff like specific trips we want to take (read: Ireland/Scotland), a downpayment for a home, and for far into the future (like college and mission funds for the kiddos and retirement for us).
  4. Are we removing clutter and unnecessary stuff from our life? We could simplify more. I have way more clothes than I actually wear. And I have collected so many decorations (mostly packed in boxes) that we'd need a mansion to fit them all. So it'd be good to purge more (which I hate thinking about but love to do) especially with a move coming up!
  5. Are we worrying too much? (Like I've told myself a bazillion times) Stress less/worry less! I'm sure when I'm forty or fifty I'll still be reminiscing about that one Sunday when I didn't do any dishes and completely let the apartment go...or not. Bottom line, things that seem to matter now will not matter in twenty years and stressing or being uptight doesn't make those things better. Just relax and embrace the mess--or at least embrace the ones making it;-)
  6. Have we made spiritual things a priority? We need to make Family Home Evening (FHE) a priority each week. We read our scriptures and have family prayer but I'd like to start doing more lessons for our little Tenley now that she can actually understand us. 

Anything else to add? I am especially looking at any older, wiser, and consequently more beautiful readers that I may have;-)

P.S. Best pics of us ever, I know...I just thought they were applicable because they show we love our kids a whole lot. 

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