Saturday, November 14

Our Family Favorite Snack

This is an accurate depiction of what happens every time I open a Chobani Flip...Tenley invites herself over.
A while ago, I was asked by someone from Chobani to review their product. I declined because at the time, I was not a huge fan of yogurt in general (I just have never liked it very much!) and at the time I had only tried Chobani once and found it kind of sour and weird.

Well, last week, my husband brought home Chobani "flip" in Almond Coco Loco and my thoughts on yogurt were forever changed.

The first bite I had was like "eh..." 
It was still kind of sour like I'd remembered Chobani being in the past. 
But as time went by, I started thinking about how I wanted more. 

Finally I opened one up for myself. I mixed in the almonds and chocolate chips (as shown in the first picture)...

And I was in love. It was like eating a delicious dessert for a healthy-ish snack. I don't count calories or anything so I don't really care that it has 230 calories--(that's less than 1 cup of chocolate ice cream though!) I just care that it's yogurt (healthy) and tastes good (dessert). If you are a yogurt fan, I bet you'll love Chobani's "flips"! My favorite part of this one is the soft crunch of the almonds and chocolate chips in my teeth mixed with that subtle coconut flavor. Mmmm! I need to go eat one right now.

It's our family's new favorite snack. We buy 5 at a time and I have to fight Tenley and Dalin for them (Tenley will get one from the fridge at 5am and bring it to me in bed and say, "Open this" over and over until I say, "No, go put that back right now!" because I don't want her eating my snack and especially not at 5am. She loves them). I have found I prefer to eat them when the babes have gone to bed, otherwise I have two little beggars baring down on me the entire time and I have to share my spoon with them.

Anyway, I haven't tried the other flavors (because I'm a believer in "if it's not broke, don't fix it";) but once I get sick of this one (IF that happens) I will totally try the others because I am sold on Chobani.

And I don't know about Chobani's commercials, but Yoplait's irritate me so that's another win in my book.

Let me know if you've tried these before and tell me your favorite!

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