Sunday, June 14

A Blessed Saturday

Isn't this little diaper clutch from Pearl & Co. just adorable? Thank you, Kristin, your work is impeccable!
Some purple mums and balloons for our little niece, Brooklyn, who would be one today!

It was a great day. Exhausting, but also magical, exciting, happy, and fun. There were tears and pee and spit up, but it didn't diminish the greatness of the day. And I can prove it was exhausting by the way, since everyone but me has been asleep since 8:30pm. I'm doing a happy dance in my mind about it.

My Old Navy maternity dress (which I totally copied from my friend because it looked so cute on her, I had to have one!) came in the mail today, as did the geometric diaper clutch I won on Instagram! That's the third thing I've won through social media in the last few months. I have never felt so lucky in my life! Now I feel like I have to enter everything though because I know I won't win if I don't try! Hopefully my lucky streak isn't over yet!

Dalin and I went to see Jurassic World with Declan at 11am this morning, while Andrea (!!), Whitney, and Brian babysat Tenley for us.

The movie was awesome. There were things I had been hoping for, like a few more one-liners from Chris Pratt mostly, and an ending that wasn't quite what it was...but the action and animation were amazing and I'd give it an 8, maybe even an 8.5 out of 10. Dalin gave it a 7.5 (he didn't like the character development/lack of it, but loved the action). And Chris Pratt is great. Anyway, we ate a ton of buttery popcorn (I pretty much only like popcorn at the movies, unless it's kettle corn) and Declan did fine (not as amazing as Tenley was at the movie theater at his age, but he still did great. At least I only had to stand up with him toward the end).

After, Dalin treated me with a Caribbean C-Burst smoothie from Tropical (he loves me:), we rested at home for a little bit, then drove to Provo Cemetery with some purple mums and happy birthday balloons for our sweetest niece, Brooklyn, who passed away from SIDS at 3 months and would be one tomorrow. We then drove to the Riverwoods so Tenley could play on the splash pad there in her swimsuit. We bought her some sandals at Gymboree since we forgot shoes (plus she's grown out of her size 4's and always says "tight!") then Dalin and I took turns running through the water with her which was great. She had fun. I also returned two pairs of stolen sandals we found in the bottom of our stroller shortly after leaving Gymboree...sneaky Tenley.

Then we went to Happy Sumo to get some sushi for dinner. It was quite delicious. I got the Cabana roll, Dalin got the Rockstar roll, and our waitress was so nice and got us some free mandarin orange slices and rice for Tenley. We gave her a good tip for her kindness. Also, I meant to take a photo of our sushi, but we seriously ate it so fast I didn't think of it until it was in our bellies.

We headed home, tired but happy and after getting the craziness out of our children, they both fell asleep around 8pm (Tenley fell asleep on Dalin in the rocking chair and he fell asleep, too, which is cute).

Now I am going to do a little tidying up around here (though it's pitch black in this place right now, which is unusual) and maybe run to get something yummy for after church tomorrow. We'll see;)

Oh! Quick embarrassing story! This morning I took the kids to Macey's to grab the balloons and flowers for Brooklyn and there was a race was going on, so University Avenue was blocked. There were policemen coming to the car windows and detouring traffic. The officer came to my passenger window and greeted me, then he saw the kids in the backseat. He said, "They're not that far apart are they?" I nervously asked, "Are they supposed to be?" He sounded confused and said something, and I tried to explain, "Their car seats used to be apart but it was hard for someone to get back there so we moved them together." Then the officer said, "I meant their age, how far apart are they?" DOY. I felt like an idiot and said, "Oh, 18 months." The officer said, "No, I'm a carseat inspector and they look great." Then he told me which way to go and I drove off feeling like a humongous moron but happy that he had said they looked good in their carseats.

So that's my moment of stupidity for the day (and hopefully the week) but apart from that, it was a great day. Also, as a side note, I have been feeling phantom kicks like crazy the last couple days and it's making me miss that part of being pregnant (I know, I know...sigh...). I told Dalin I'd seriously consider being a surrogate if the church wasn't strongly against it.

Also, (one last thing I swear!) I am writing this crazy feminist-ish post about being a housewife/housewife syndrome/women in general. It's pretty long and I don't know when it'll be finished, but keep an eye out for that baby if it's something you might be interested in.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. I literally laughed out-loud when reading your post today! Thank you for sharing the car seat story. Too funny! I love those Mama-Brain moments. - Also, we had our little boy on the 2nd and everything you have written about having a sweet girl and then a sweet baby boy has been so true! Keep writing because we love reading! :)

    1. Haha good! I'm glad you can laugh at my dumb moment. I kept randomly laughing about it when I thought about it after. Good move panicking in front of a cop. Your boy is here! Congratulations!!! I hope you are feeling better and better! As you already know, it's going to go by so fast--even faster than your first! I seriously cannot believe that it has been 4.5 months! Ahh!


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