Monday, June 1

One of Those Days: The Green Mess

Today was one of those days that had good moments but in general I'd just like to forget about. I had way too much on my plate (school-wise) and kind of let the kids suffer as a result (in other words, cry). I didn't want to but after going back and forth between them so many times I lost count, I gave up entirely (almost) and just let them calm themselves down. It was not fun.

I also had to pull a little metal(?) sliver out of Tenley's finger (she kept trying to show me but only after she wouldn't stop whimpering did I realize something was actually wrong), which I am kind of worried about becoming infected even though it looks okay for now. I'll keep an eye on it.

Also, I went by the Dollar Store with the kids (before going to Macey's for groceries) and spilled about 50% (basically like 12oz) of my enormous green Tropical smoothie on the floor. The thing was, I kind of blame the Dollar Store for running out of carts (I mean, come does that even happen--it wasn't even busy!) because that meant I had to hold Declan, my smoothie, and (sort of) Tenley. It was a recipe for disaster. So there was a green explosion on the floor by the Hawaiian-themed stuff, and the Dollar Store cashier I spoke with was very rude and unhelpful (she just kept repeating, "A spill??" "Yes, lady, I spilled something--do you have to keep asking?"--I had to contain my annoyance with her) so I just grabbed the dang roll of paper towels behind her and marched back to the puddle and cleaned the giant mess myself. Tenley attempted to help me and slipped in it twice (which would have been funnier if, ya know, we'd been at home or if I wasn't on my hands and knees holding a baby and wiping up a dang smoothie at the Dollar Store. Plus to make matters worse, the styrofoam smoothie cup had broken--like the bottom just fell off when it dropped, so an even greater mess was made as I cleaned. Finally, 9000 feet of crappy brown Dollar Store paper towels later, the mess was basically gone and I was tempted to leave the roll there to mark my shame and just get the heck out of there, but I figured I couldn't let that experience come to nothing, so I finally secured a cart and we shopped a little bit.

Last, Tenley tried to um, change her own poopy diaper which was terrible. I can't even recount the story without gagging so just imagine the worst.

So that was my day! See, they're not all rosy! But we survived and at least I got to flush out those memories by watching a KA-razy episode of The Bachelorette. Holy cow. I'm not a Kaitlyn fan per se, but I feel so very sorry for her. Her guys are the biggest rip off of the century.

Happy Monday, am I right??

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