Monday, June 8

My Busy Mind (+ Bachelorette Note)

Sorry for being the lamest, I just am very, very busy with school lately--especially because this is the final week of spring term (already?!) and finals are next week. I am pretty excited, though I am less excited about jumping directly into summer semester. Come on...but at least I finish in August and that is going to feel marvelous! I'm still not 100% on Dalin and I walking, but I think we're both going to try to (it will come down to whether I finish my New Testament class in time--which means mid-July and which I have to do via Independent Study and haven't started yet--eek!). I just can't wait to get my Bachelor's degree and take (what I'd imagine will be) a huge break from school and really be able to focus on my favorite thing, which is being a stay-at-home mom!

Speaking of bachelors, anyone else watch The Bachelorette tonight?? It's such a dumb show, I know, I know, but it kind of allows me to purge the stress out of my life and watch something that doesn't require any thought or energy. And I have a LOT of writing homework this week (it's pretty much all writing and a little reading) so I need as many breaks as I can get (which are very rare with two kids who need me 24/7, they think;). Anyway, Kaitlyn is not a wise soul to bring Nick on (not that we didn't know--the previews haven't been all that subtle this season. Plus, ew! Nick was a bad word on Andi's season and also a big baby) and she's stupid not to focus on Sean, Chris, the Idaho guy, or the guy who doesn't respect Nick (I usually am pretty good with their names, but thanks to the conflicting bedtime of a certain toddler, I've spent a good portion of the time in Tenley's room simultaneously trying to get her settled in bed and hearing what's going on from the living room). Frankly, I don't know that I even have a favorite really (actually Britt and Brady are my favorites but yeah) because I have little to no R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Kaitlyn, and I have a very hard time understanding what the guys see in her that seems wife-like, but oh well, I guess that's not my problem. Also, anyone else a tad frustrated with the repeated "To Be Continued's"? Sheesh, we still want to see what happens even if this is the lamest season.

Well, it's nice to get that crap off my mind as meaningless as it may be. Now I have to throw myself back into three or four half-written essays and assignments due the end of this week so my brain is going to be occupied with those and I really doubt I'll have time to blog again for a bit, but I honestly will try. I check every day for comments or questions, so I haven't forgotten about it, I swear! I just need to get a little more done before I can justify a legitimate post.

We got through Monday, hooray! And tomorrow won't be that bad, I bet.

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