Wednesday, February 18

What We've Been Doing...18 Days Postpartum

I am so sorry dear blog readers for taking so much time off! Of course I am busy as a new mom to two, but not so busy that I haven't had time to write. Well, actually I have been so busy that I haven't had time to write but that's only because my mom has been here and we've been doing several things that I never would have had time to do otherwise.

Like clean and organize practically every inch of Tenley and Declan's room. We bought some cute neutral bins at IKEA and moved things around, deleted clutter, made lots of trips to the dumpster (well my mom did--she's a trooper), and also donated a ton of stuff. We even went through the two giant air-tight bags of girl baby clothes from 0-9 months that I had intended to keep for any future daughters and eliminated more than half of it (which was a relief once I actually permitted myself to let things go). We better organized my gift bags and craft paper, sorted through my jewelry (90% of which I've basically had since high school), and did lots of reorganizing.

Basically the only thing we didn't get to was going through our clothes (mainly our shirts) and taking out the too-small, never-worn ones to toss out (and by toss, I mean donate). But, I figure I can do that on my own if I must. I might even start that process now since my mom just folded some clean laundry and I need a place to put it (our giant, shared wardrobe is way too full--we really can afford to lose some shirts).

Despite our busy lives lately, I did post my favorite pics from our recent family/newborn photo shoot yesterday. Check them out asap if you missed them on Facebook--they are incredibly gorgeous.

So, I am really sad about my mom leaving today--also jealous--she's flying to Florida for my parents' 25th anniversary--but I am tremendously grateful that she was able to be here these past three weeks. Just like with Tenley's birth, time really flew by and I can't even possibly describe all the many things she did for us and our gratitude for her. I am a really, really lucky daughter. I'm also glad my mom and I have the same feelings about cleaning and organization--I think that was one of my favorite little things we did together, which might sound lame to some, but having a clean home makes me really happy and eliminates a huge amount of stress. Plus it was SO satisfying to see the end results. And now I feel really good knowing where (pretty much) everything is.

As for baby updates, I wish I could just show you all the stuff from Facebook and Instagram if you aren't my friends in those places, but perhaps you should just get on that because there are way too many photos that I share daily.

Here are just a few favorites from the last week or so:

As you can see, there's a lot of sleeping on Declan's part and kissing on Tenley's. She's such a loving big sister. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed those precious little moments. I've got to get to sleep!!

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