Monday, February 2

Our Son is Here!

Say hello to our first son, Declan Brent Gunnell.

Here are the details (compared with his sister's birth for those who are curious)

Length of Labor: 9 hours...technically*                                                        (13 hours with Tenley)
Length of Pushing: 29 minutes                                                                      (4 hours with Tenley)
Time of birth: 8:39pm                                                                                    (8:01pm)
Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz                                                                                           (8lbs 3oz)
Length: 21 inches                                                                                            (20 inches)

Here are a few photos from his first days (note: there are a few nursing photos--nothing too scandalous I think).

He's even cuter than we imagined:)

We were just as instantly in love with him as we were the first time we became parents.

We are so happy to have him in our family forever!

There was no question of loving him as much as his sister the moment he was out. 
My first little boy. I love him so much I could cry just thinking about it. 

As for the rest, I'll post the birth story soon! It's mostly written out because I took notes during my "labor," now I just need to add a few photos and whatnot. Also, Dalin helped write it (much to my delight/surprise so it's bound to be good;).

*Of those 9 hours, I only felt some pain for less than 2 of them.

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