Friday, February 6

1 Week Little: Declan

Like Tenley, Declan has proved to be an incredibly easy newborn--at least for the first week of his life. I'll admit--I have been really lucky with my babies so far and I sure know it and do not take it for granted. When I hear about everyone else's trying experiences with their new babies I usually find myself thinking, "Wow, that has not been my experience at all." That is not to say that motherhood hasn't been hard, but I have definitely found that the struggles I've faced in motherhood have come mainly with disciplining and caring for a very independent toddler. But anyway, Declan has a similar temperament to his sister but he definitely does things that set him apart.

Here are the things I've noticed:

He loves his sleep just like his sister did. I swear he sleeps like 20 hours a day instead of the average 16-18. I have to wake him up to feed him (because I'm usually dying by then if I've gone too long without breastfeeding) and then try all kinds of tactics to keep him awake during the feeding. Like tickling his feet, blowing on his face, unbuttoning his clothes, using a wet washcloth--he seriously sleeps like a little rock and can barely get through a solid feeding.

Declan cries when he wants to eat, when he gets changed (usually once the wipe touches his bum), or when he wants his pacifier. He cries more than Tenley did, but still way less than most babies.

Speaking of his pacifier, Declan loves it. Tenley took one for a short period of time, but never was attached to it the way Declan is. He sucks on his paci for half the day it seems and I think it's so cute:)

He is not a fan of being cold. Total opposite of Tenley. She is constantly taking her clothes off because she's hot. Declan starts shivering as soon as I start to undress him. He hates cold wet wipes. I have his paci ready for all diaper changes which helps distract him. But as soon as his new onesie is on or he's wrapped in a blanket he's happy.

He had some jaundice but his levels started and ended much lower than Tenley's. We had to go in for a 48 hour test (Ten had to do 24 hours several times) but luckily his bilirubin count was low. No bili-blanket or crib for him, thankfully!

He wakes up like once a night. Last night, I had to wake him up because I had so much milk and was going to die if he didn't wake up and eat. Then it was so hard to keep him awake long enough to get through the feeding. He and Tenley love their beauty sleep haha. I'm really praying that doesn't change!

He loves snuggles. He pretty much falls asleep at a person's touch. I love sleeping with his little body close to mine. I feel more secure with him near me and he's more restless unless Dalin or I is right by him.

Here are some photos of our little man during his first week:

That's about all I can think of for now. He is just a chill, quiet baby and we love him like crazy!

We are really, really blessed to have him in our family.

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