Monday, February 23

Toddler Leashes

I totally understand them now. I used to think it was so weird to put your child on a leash like a little puppy but I really get it. Especially if you are small and weak like me with two babies to transport. It's hard to have a 17 lb car seat (that's including the baby) on one arm and a 20-something lb toddler on your hip, particularly when you're recovering and not supposed to be lifting more than the weight of your baby (I've always been bad at obeying the lifting rules...which is probably why my back aches like an elderly person's during pregnancy). 

Before Declan was born, I was overwhelmed at the thought of going out in public with a toddler and a newborn in a heavy car seat. I could barely lift Tenley's car seat alone when she was a newborn. And let me just tell you that toddlers can be fast when they want to be despite those skinny little legs they're running on! It only took one instance of me setting Tenley down by the car when I was almost 9 months pregnant then her immediately running out into the lot for me to realize that I canNOT set her down or she will get hit by a car. But at the same time, I also could not carry her and a car seat all the time. Thus, finding this little backpack leash--and trading in our old car seat at Babies 'R Us for a lightweight one--for $75 with the trade-in credit--has made all the difference for me. 

Now I can walk out the door with Declan's car seat in one hand and (once I carry Tenley down the flight of stairs) have Tenley walk along next to me without having to worry about her taking off in the parking lot and getting hit. I try to have her hold my free hand when we're crossing the parking lot anyway, but I feel much better having the assurance that if she did manage to escape, she wouldn't get far and I wouldn't have to chase her down with a car seat in tow. 

Also, did I mention she loves it? We try to keep the backpack a special thing that she only gets to wear when we go out, and she loves that it fits her perfectly and that she can carry some of her own things in it. I also think it's really cute (we got blue and green so it's more gender neutral obviously) and would have bought it even if it didn't come with a leash! 

Did anyone else think (or still think--it's okay if you do--) that using a leash for your child was weird?

Does anyone else use one for your little kids?

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  1. My sister-in-law had twins and then 21 mos later her third child and she LOVED using the backpack leashes for the girls. Now that the girls are nearly five and her son is three, he wears it especially when they are at a busy place such as a zoo. I used to baby sit them plus I had my own daughter and those leashes were a life saver! I had mocked people in the past but once I took all of the kids out on my own I realized they were necessary for safety!! - Miss Tenley looks pretty happy with hers and she is safe! :) -- I am glad to have your blog to follow as I prepare for #2 to come in June! Thanks for all of the good ideas!


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