Tuesday, February 17

The Little Gunnell Family Photos 2015

Now that we are a family of four, it feels incredibly wonderful to have some beautiful photos of all of us to admire. I am so in love with them. You don't even know!

And I can't even type anymore because I'm so excited to show them to you, so without further ado....

So obviously, these are kind of beautiful and I can't believe how well they turned out (well I can, but seriously Samantha made us look amazing) and how am I supposed to narrow down my favorites for a gallery wall??? They're all my favorites!

But that's my issue to deal with. Anyway, Samantha (from Samantha Rizzo Photography) even made this precious slideshow of our family's little gallery. It's on Youtube and it even has some lovely music. It makes me want to cry from joy every time I watch and listen to it!

I hope you loved checking these out as much as I did! I know this is ridiculous, but looking at these pictures makes me so excited to see how our family grows and eager to watch how my oldest two children change and mature. I also can't wait to see the relationship that Tenley and Declan develop. I love our little family so much.

Thanks a million, Samantha Rizzo Photography for capturing this time in our lives so beautifully!

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