Wednesday, September 24

Halfway There!

It's amazing how some weeks of pregnancy just fly by and how others seem to drag on forever. Overall I feel like my pregnancy has flown by so far but now that I'm at the halfway point I have a feeling things are going to slow down quite a bit. Mentally, I'm completely ready to have this baby. I wish I could just go to the hospital right now and have him rather than waiting out the next 19 or so weeks.

One of the most exciting aspects of my pregnancy this time around has been wondering and imagining what my little boy look like. I can't picture him looking different from Tenley at this point even though I know many siblings that have little to no resemblance to one another. It will be interesting to me to see how our future sons and/or daughters will differ in appearance from their siblings. I hope that they all get the big beautiful Gunnell eyes with a combination of both of our shades of blue. I also hope that one or two of them maybe stay blonde (since both Dalin's and my hair darkened over time even though we both started out blonde;). 

In a few days I'll be 21 weeks pregnant and our son will be approximately the size of a pomegranate (which just happens to be one of my favorite fruits). In discussing names, Dalin and I have decided that we might just have to wait to see his little face before we finalize his name or commit to William. Fortunately, we have a number of backup names, but still, it is strange not to know for certain like we did with Tenley almost from the beginning.

Someone asked me recently to do an update on my pregnancy, so here's a bit on that:
That's a banana, by the way. I literally own one piece of chalk and it's really hard to draw with so that's what the result was. 
Progress: I'm at 20 weeks and 5 days. I missed last week so I'm kind of catching up.

Baby's length: Between a banana and pomegranate (which is weird because to me those aren't exactly similar sizes in my mind). 

Gender: Still a boy! We've had it confirmed 3 times (not on purpose) so I feel pretty confident we're having a little Dalin:) (And thank goodness because we still solely bear the load of carrying on the Gunnell name out of like 60+ grandchildren!)

Weight gain: I know that I have gained at least 7 pounds and I presume I have gained more since then, but we actually don't own a scale so I can't tell you for sure. My belly, however, is huge so either way my overall mass has increased. It's weird--I think I'm putting on weight slower this time, but baby boy is bigger than Tenley was. So maybe he's just sucking up the nutrients better.
Cravings: Honestly, I'm not craving anything in particular at the moment. Almost anything sounds good to me if it's already prepared. Just like with Tenley, I was craving sausage and hot chocolate (not together though) during the first trimester, but at the moment I just want to eat anything that's ready to eat. In other words, my laziness has increased tenfold (though I still have to feed Dalin, Tenley, and myself regardless so I am still cooking). 

Movement: Thankfully, I feel movement all the time! Especially in the morning with this one. He has already gotten the hiccups several times and he loves kicking one side of my belly and then kicking the other shortly after. He's strong as heck. 

Other symptoms: The last few days I've experienced some round ligament pain in my sides (mostly due to stress I feel pretty sure) but other than that, I don't think I've had any symptoms that I can associate strictly with pregnancy. My skin is finally starting to look nice again and obviously I hope it stays that way! I think my belly is a little bit less sensitive this time around. With Tenley, I had to wear my pants so low because anything tight bothered me a lot, but so far I feel pretty good. 

Favorite Things: Imagining what my little boy will look like. I just can't picture anyone but a Tenley. Tenley is pretty darn cute so I would be very happy to get a boy version of her. Honestly though, I can pretty much guarantee I am going to think he's adorable no matter what so I'm not worried.

Maternity Clothes: Of course! Like anyone who tries them, I love maternity clothes. Mine are nice and snug on my belly, but still really loose around my thighs (which I'm not complaining about--I'd like my thighs to stay small, but it does make my pants much baggier than they would otherwise be). I love maternity dresses and shirts, but I'm still pretty much wearing my normal shirts. They're all big on me ordinarily anyway so now most of them are just right.

Looking Forward to: Giving birth! It's such an amazing experience, but most of all I just want him to be here already! This morning, I had Tenley feel him moving in my belly because he was stretching out quite a bit. She looked at me after she felt him like, "Is that you doing that?" I wish I could get her to understand it's her little bro whose waiting to meet her!

Other News: I'm definitely past the halfway point! My doctor won't let me go past my due date and may induce me at 39 weeks, so unless little son comes early, we can pretty much choose his due date in between 39 and 40 weeks. He's due the 6th (my sister Cassie's birthday) and Dalin's birthday is the 5th so we may choose one of those, or we might (if I have my way;) push for February 1st so I can still get my February baby and not have to wait a moment longer;)

Watching: (Because my TV-watching habits are absolutely pregnancy-related:) Land Girls on Netflix (which has also made me feel a little better about the name William and even the nickname Billy since I like the Billy on the show). I also like Four Weddings on TLC.
That's supposed to be a pomegranate but it could be an onion.
Photos from 21 weeks taken this morning. I've got a lot of schoolwork to do and an exam to take at some point this week, so I can't promise I'll post a lot the rest of the week but I'll make an effort. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to talk about or share with you.

(I realized just now that the title of this post goes two ways...I'm halfway through my pregnancy and we're halfway through the week. Hopefully both continue to fly by--I'm ready for October!)

Happy halfway day! ;)

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