Monday, September 1

I Can't Believe It's A Boy!

The title says the main thought on my brain. As soon as we flew in to Salt Lake International Airport from New Hampshire last night (after what felt like a whole day of travel--never fun, especially with a one-year old and pregnant woman--we flew from Manchester to Chicago to Las Vegas to SLC), Dalin and I were anxious for this morning.

Apparently, that means it's a boy. It just looks like a blur to me but whatever!
We slept in (the two-hour time difference had us a little messed up) and then went to breakfast at IHOP around 10am because my mom gave us a gift card. It was wonderful especially because we had no was therefore very much appreciated. After a yummy breakfast (you may have seen Tenley's hash brown-covered face on Facebook or Instagram :P), we drove straight to South Towne Mall to the fetal photo studio we had visited three weeks ago. This time, we got the last ultrasound tech's father (whom we had also had with Tenley!) and he knew instantly that we were having a boy. It was pretty funny because, as usual, I was talking and telling him about our previous experience, and he had hardly placed the probe/transducer thing on my belly when he declared "BOY." I was like,  "What!?!" because even though I had had some idea about it before, we didn't really celebrate last time because we weren't positive.
Anyway, we were elated (as much as we were when we were first told we were having a girl at the last ultrasound) and I think I literally skipped out of there. We called our parents to let them know right away that their next grandchild was indeed a boy and they were thrilled.
Check out that darling profile. I love him so much already!
It was a great start to our day. After that, we went grocery shopping (we were in dire need;-) and then returned home, I unpacked a few more suitcases, Dalin worked out, (Tenley and I turned her room into a disaster rearranging things...), then I made tacos for dinner which were very delicious (if I do say so myself;-) while we watched the new(er) Spiderman 2 for the first time. Yeah, we were a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but anyway it was a good movie except I hated what happened (don't worry, no spoiler alert here :-( ).
Anyway, it feels so great to know for sure that this little guy is going to be our son. He'll carry on the Gunnell name (the only boy who will out of like, 63 cousins) and I know he and Tenley will be the best of friends. I'm so excited!!!!!

A little about him lately: 

Yesterday on the plane I bent forward in my seat to get something on the floor and that little bug JABBED me hard! I was so surprised I said "Ouch!" even though it didn't hurt that bad. Still, it was a really strong kick and I couldn't believe that such a tiny fellow could do something so forcefully.

At the last ultrasound (14.5 weeks), he was measuring about a week too small. This time, at 17.5 weeks, he was measuring a day or so bigger than average! I told the tech I had eaten a lot in the last three weeks, but even so I was surprised he had caught up so quickly. Tenley was small for quite a while, though she obviously caught up in the end. It makes me a little nervous for how big this guy is going to turn out!

He has very strong-looking legs from the look of today's ultrasound. I remember seeing Ten's bony little legs on the screen, but this baby has very thick-looking legs that were kicking around not constantly like Tenley's, but deliberately. I cannot even imagine how much stronger he will get over the next 22ish weeks!

I'm dying to get some boy clothes. (Yeah, this is more about me than him). Everyone kind of complains that boy's don't have as big a selection or that their clothes are as cute and while they do have less options than girls, I think boy's outfits are as cute, if not cuter sometimes! I love those little boy sweaters and plaid shirts and my favorite colors are blue and green so I am so excited to get some boyish stuff. It'll be interesting creating a balance of boy and girl stuff in our study which is somewhat tight on space with Tenley's stuff alone. I am going to have to do some serious organizing this fall (and purging) before he gets here!

As far as name goes, we don't want to sound sure or anything because our selection may change, but the name that we both have always liked for our son is William Brent. We for sure intend to use Brent because of Dalin's grandpa, Darwin Brent, Dalin's dad, Jonathan Brent, and of course, Dalin Brent. So we've got to carry on the tradition! (Plus we're the only ones who can). For first names we also like Declan, Finn, and a number of other Irish names. I like Liam, but Dalin prefers it as a nickname. They've been on my "list" for many years (since I was a child I have always kept lists of names I like) along with about a dozen other names--though Dalin is less enthusiastic about those ones.

Do you guys know of any nice Irish boy names that we might consider? We're thinking vintage-traditional.
Also, do you know of any great places to pick out inexpensive boy clothes? (Emphasis on inexpensive though because two babies in two years sets you back in the financial department a tad;-)

Wishing you a happiest of Labor Days,

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  1. I just found your blog and I love it! We always get our baby clothes at kid to kid, thrift stores like DI and savers in orem, and also target. Target is a little pricey sometimes but they have the cutest stuff and when you buy it on clearance it isn't that bad.


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