Tuesday, September 30

Baby/ Toddler Shoes Quick Fix

When your baby starts walking, it's important to have shoes that are safe and easy for them to walk in. Otherwise, there will be extra bruises and more frustration as they learn to become more mobile. 
Somebody bought these adorable shoes for Tenley, but she simply cannot wear them the way they came. The bottoms are like as smooth as glass and she was sliding all over the place trying to keep her balance. 

It was an accident waiting to happen, so I went to the Dollar Store yesterday to look for some possible solutions. In the kitchen supplies aisle, near the aluminum foil and plastic bags, I found some sheets of "Grip" intended for kitchen drawers to prevent glasses from tumbling over too easily. 

Since it was only $1, I bought it and took it home. 
Today, I assembled my toddler shoe fixing supplies, which included:

The shoes in question, scissors, the Grip, and a hot glue gun. 
It was very basic--I cut out two sole shapes from the Grip using the shoe for reference. 
They looked like this:
Then I heated up my hot glue gun, and made a shoe-print shape around the inner edge. I also put some lines across the middle so the middle wouldn't pop up. 

After I'd carefully stuck the Grip on the glue (it was hot, but my fingers are used to it), I added more hot glue on the outer edge of the Grip pad, and then did a few zig zags across the middle for a little more traction. It looked a little messier than I'd imagined, but once the glue was dry, I cleaned all the spider-webby strings and it looked fine. Plus, I realized they were going to get dirty if she wore them outside anyway, so oh well. 
Here's a pic (it's not very good, my apologies...):
But it did the trick! I put them right on Tenley's feet and she could walk! It was a miracle (kind of...). 

Look how cute they look on her: 

Anyway, that's all I have for you today, but I just wanted to provide a little inspiration to you moms who have malfunctioning baby/toddler shoes or outfits. We are smart and resourceful people and we can figure it out!;)

Have a fun Tuesday night! 

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