Wednesday, February 19


More than ever before, I have noticed that I have a lot of clothes. Like, a lot. Enough that I'm sure I could wear a different shirt every day for a year without duplicating. I've never counted, but I'm fairly certain that is a true statement. 

Let me just make one thing clear. I am not fashionable. I don't really try to be. I dress for comfort and if I happen to look stylish I can pretty much guarantee it's an accident or someone else picked out the outfit. I think being fashionable is fine of course, but in all honesty it ranks very, very low in my priorities as well as on my list of important traits. Like somewhere between having matching socks and choosing a brand of shampoo. For me, clothes are just something I wear because one, it's the law (at least where I live...) and two, I hate being cold. But if you peek into my house at any given hour of the day (which I strongly advise against doing), there is a high probability I'm in pajamas, a long shirt, or more likely, just underwear because of breastfeeding and laziness and it's my house and I prefer being comfortable. 

Fashion can require a tremendous effort--especially if comfort is as much a priority--and the only times I make a real effort to dress to impress is when I know I am getting my picture taken (family photos, for example), I am going on a date with Dalin (let's be clear, that doesn't mean "fancy" just stylish-ish), or when I am going to church or the temple (because those are important places and deserve a little extra effort). 

But anyway, let's take a little look into my wardrobe so you can see what I mean about having plenty (also, I'm showing off how organized it is because I just reorganized today). 
These are my shirts. My long-sleeve shirts. Just my long-sleeve shirts. Do I need more? Nah, I think I'm good. I even have a few in the dirty laundry and added a few more to this drawer after I took this pic. If we're analyzing my color choices, it would seem that I have an excess of blue and gray. Mostly gray. When I looked that up to see what it might mean, I learned that gray became fashionable in the 18th century (so, at least I would have been considered fashionable then...). Gray also is the color (or lack thereof) of conformity, boredom, reflection and uncertainty, secrecy, old age, and poverty. Hmm. Well those adjectives all really suck and pretty much are the opposite of me since I'm supposed to be red or yellow personality-wise, but it's okay because in my heart I know I wear gray because it makes my blue eyes kind of pop. I don't think I'm boring (correct me if I'm wrong though). 

Anyhow, that was a tangent. So let's move on to part two of our tour: my t-shirts. 
I think I'm good there, too. By the way, these are only my "nice" t-shirts. My fun shirts (like the ones you get as souvenirs from colleges and vacations and such) are mixed with Dalin's in another location. 
Now if we're analyzing my short-sleeved shirts, it's apparent that I own a lot of white....which is peculiar because I do not wear white all that much. I like white just fine, but I'm a professional at ruining white shirts so I only wear it when I'm feeling dangerous. Or when I think I'm probably not going near food or drinks or spit up that day (so never). I do like white though, I just don't get around to wearing it that much. I'll work on that. 

Part three of our tour is button-up sweaters, shawls, shrugs, that kind of thing.
Again, what's with all the gray and white. Not sure, but I have a sufficient amount of sweaters, wouldn't you say? I love these sweaters but I don't wear them nearly as much anymore. Time to fix that, too. 

And last (for now), button-up shirts.
As is obvious, I have a respectable amount. The only trouble is, I NEVER wear these. I don't like button-up shirts much at all. Much like polos. Reasons: The collars and the buttons. I do not like how I look in them and I just do not care for them in general. My mom does, which is why I have these in the first place. The only button-up shirt I wear regularly is my chambray shirt, ironically not pictured here because it's in the dirty laundry bin since I wore it recently. But yeah, button-up shirts--not a terrific thing to buy me if you hope to see me in it.

One thing I noticed about my shirts (besides that I have every color imaginable) is that very few of them have logos or patterns. I pretty much just have a ton of plain, one-colored shirts. Kind of lame, but I'm over it. I also noticed, or rather, felt justified in my attempt to not buy clothes for a year. So far so good and I must say, I have not regretted it yet. Even when I've seen something cute and been tempted, I've realized later (when I've completely forgotten the item) that I obviously survived without it and I'll continue to survive. And I've saved a significant amount of money, too, so that's been wonderful of course!

In summary, I'm doing fine in the shirt department. So unless you (I'm talking to you, Mom and family mostly) find a really, really cute shirt that is not a button-up, not a button-up sweater, is not gray or white, and is easy to nurse in, I would probably reconsider. The only things I actually need (meaning want because I definitely don't "need" anything at all) are dresses. A girl can never have too many dresses. Especially a Mormon girl because thanks to church, they'll get plenty of use out of them. Just remember that nursing friendly dresses are a huge plus since I'll probably be breastfeeding on and off for the next ten years while we are growing our little family. Something to think about...

By the way, as I reorganized, I filled a large bag with shirts and sweaters and stuff to give away. And I still have way more than I need. I'll have to go through again in 3 or 6 months. Now just wait until I show you my skirts, pants, and pajamas (that is, if I get around to it)...I have plenty of those as well. Again, dresses or maternity clothes (for later) are what I'm into. Or stuff for a nine-month old (and up) girl because Tenley has loads of outfits for 6 months and down. And my baby is already six months! Yikes, time sure flies. 

What color or shirt-style does your wardrobe mainly consist of?
Is fashion important to you? Why or why not?
Would you rather be comfortable or stylish?
Do you get dressed right when you get up or, like me, are you in pajamas or less most of the day?


  1. Just in the pictures: 189 all together. That is A LOT of clothes!

    1. Wow, you counted?! Haha, that is a lot. I forgot to put though that like 75% or more of them are from high school. I've been 5'0" for a long time. Also, being the only daughter and having a mom who is really into shopping, I get spoiled beyond what I even want. I don't even like shopping believe it or not haha!


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