Tuesday, June 25

Our First Conversation...Ever. Humorous and Embarrassing.

It all started with Marisa...making us be friends on Facebook. Her persistance paid off ;)

Dalin: so we have a friend in common...
Olivia: haha we do / one friend / silly marisa  
Dalin: yep, so, i've never really just talked to someone on facebook that i've never met...do you know how this is supposed to go?
Olivia: haha is there a right way? / i don't know what was going on in marisa's head / but she spoke very highly of you...haha
Dalin: i dont think that there can be a right way but i'm sure it's been done before...she spoke pretty highly of you too

Umm...somehow our conversation turned from this to a discussion about how easy I would be to kidnap because of my size...only two hours later. Oh good, I made a comment about it at the time: 

Olivia: wow i like how you originally thought i like to murder people and now we're talking about you kidnapping me. we've come full circle. essentially. we probably are done talking forever

How weird are we (am I)? How did we even end up falling in love and getting married? I can't say I know based on this conversation, but I'm very glad that we did!!!!! I'm also glad that Dalin was able to see past my rude sarcasm and still like me somehow! 

The one good thing about our first time talking ever being on Facebook is that it is recorded forever. Unless Facebook goes obsolete, in which case I have this blog post. Unless blogger goes obsolete, in which case I wrote about the experience in one of my zillions of journals. So unless those get stolen or burned, and all technology fails, I'll have this forever. 

Do you have a weird story about the first time you met/spoke with your spouse? If so, I want to hear about it, so share below! 

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