Monday, June 24

Maternity Photo Shoot, 34 Weeks!

In case you haven't heard yet, I'm 34 weeks along! The anticipation and uncertainty are the worst parts of the third trimester. I just wish I knew she would be here for sure on the 5th so I could relax until then. I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment this Thursday--they always seem to make things go a little faster. But for now, I'm just counting the days. 

Yesterday, we spent much of our Sunday afternoon by the duck pond on BYU campus taking maternity pictures with friends Stephanie and Emil. We had a lot of fun and were so grateful they were willing to spend that time with us to take some fun maternity pictures. And now I can relax, knowing I got that done and won't regret not taking pics once my baby belly is gone (which will hopefully be pretty quick!). 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the afternoon:
"An apple for serenity, a pendant for balance..." Haha this picture makes me think of Mulan.
We did some just for fun yoga poses to show off different angles of my belly
When I look at these, I cannot believe just how big my belly really is. It is so strange because even now looking down at it, it doesn't seem as big as it actually appears when I look in the mirror or at the pictures. Sometimes I walk by a full-length mirror and I go, "WOAH," in my head. Like who is that? I have to admit that the thing I am most excited about post-pregnancy (besides our daughter finally being here!) is getting my body back. Not fitting into any of my normal pants is really discouraging. Especially because I always had to wear a belt before being pregnant. But apparently my hips are wider than I realized--I know my pelvis has to widen to make a passage for the baby, but I did not think it would be as noticeable as it is! I just want to fit in my skinny jeans again!!!!!

But for now, I'm wearing lots of stretch pants, skirts, and getting good use out of my two pairs of maternity pants. Hopefully by September or October I can at least have a few more options in my wardrobe! 

If you want to see more pictures from Sunday afternoon, you can look at my Maternity Shoot album on Facebook!


  1. SOOOOooooooo cute! You are the cutest pregnant mommy out there. I love the yoga poses especially. If you plan on breastfeeding, your body will probably go back to normal in no time - it's a miracle. I hope mine does again this time around! Have you had the doctor check to see if you are dilated at all yet? You are SO close!!!! Yay! I went yesterday and I'm dilated to a 5. But I don't think it means anything, but it's fun to know. Anyways, you guys look adorable and you are going to be such a great looking family!

  2. Thank you, Emily! You are so cute yourself! Especially with your little daughter and your pregnant belly! It's so awesome you'll be a family of four pretty soon! I hope you're right about the baby weight going faster with breastfeeding. I can't wait to see what happens! I'm not crazy about running or intense exercise but if I don't go back to normal pretty quick I'll be scared into doing it. I have a doctor's appointment this week so maybe he will check! I can't believe you're dilated to a 5! That sounds so far to me! Yay!!! Thanks for your super nice comments!


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