Saturday, June 15

My Awesome Dad

I have the best dad. I know that he loves me because I have always felt his support in everything I do. He has always been one of my biggest fans. He always came to our showcases in elementary school, and every sports activity he could throughout the years, including cross-country meets, soccer games, tennis matches, baseball/softball games, and more. He is always on my side. He encourages me and is proud of my talents. He always brags about my artistic ability and asks me to paint something for him as a gift each holiday. He also tells everyone about how I love English and earned the English award as a senior in high school. He tells me that he likes to show his customers at work this embarrassing video of me accepting the award, which I have provided for your entertainment.

He sets a good example for my brothers and me. My dad righteously holds the Priesthood and uses it to bless our family and the lives of others. He would give me father's blessings when I was sick, before I began a new school year, or when I was going through a particularly difficult trial. He is an excellent example of generosity and service. He always gives as much as he can. This includes his time--he loves serving others, especially the elderly. I have always loved visiting nursing homes and getting to know the residents because of my dad. He would always ask them about their lives and find a way to make them laugh as they shared their memories and stories. He loves history and learning, which has inspired my own interest in history and fed my already strong feelings of intense patriotism and loyalty to our country. My dad is a great teacher. Whenever we go on vacations, I love when he takes the time to read us the information about a particular exhibit or attraction. He often shares fun random stories with us about things he has heard or learned which is something I always enjoy. 

I am very much like my dad. We both have a good sense of humor, and are not afraid to defend our beliefs or those around us. We both enjoy talking to strangers and feel completely comfortable doing so. My dad is always so nice to all of my former classmates and is quick to strike up a conversation with anyone he knows. He also is always friendly to those he interacts with, even if he does not know them well or at all. He loves to begin a conversation with the cashier, our waiter or waitress, the people at the drive-thru, and anyone else who he might meet. He is a great missionary because of this. I get my willingness to talk to people about the gospel from him. He is never afraid to tell people that he is a Latter-day Saint and what we believe in. 

My dad is very hardworking. He owns his own business installing home theaters and sound systems for a living. He has instilled the value of hard work and earning a modest living in his children. He especially has taught us the importance of being honest in our dealings with others and having integrity in all situations. Because of his and my mom's careful spending and budgeting, we always had enough money for vacations and to be able to live comfortably. Throughout the years, my parents together have made our home a peaceful place where others want to be. 

I cannot wait for my dad to become a grandpa to our little girl. I know he is going to be the kindest, silliest, most giving grandpa anyone could ever ask for. I love my dad very much and miss him--especially on Father's Day. I am grateful for my loving and wise father and for the example he is to Dalin and my brothers. Make sure you call your own dad and tell him you love him on Father's Day. You can never tell someone you love them enough. 
My Dad and Payson on our front lawn in Gilford, New Hampshire

My dad and me in front of Lake Winnipesaukee
What is a favorite quality that your own dad has? 

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