Tuesday, July 3

Thoughts and Thinking

Well life is currently wonderful and getting better.

I am loving my job as Office Assistant Manager at King Henry. I adore having my own desk to decorate and make cute. I take pride in keeping my workspace clean, cute, and organized. I have a painting of some poppies that I busted out one Sunday evening and a black and white picture of Dalin and I from our wedding day...

Dalin and I are very much enjoying married life. We argue and disagree like normal couples, but we are always forgiving and very lovey dovey afterwards. Mostly we fight about chores and making dinner. And driving too fast (me) or too slow (Dalin).

We love our little family but we are so looking forward to adding a little baby to it. I guess the popular term is "baby-crazy" which does not sound very flattering, but trust me, it describes almost every newlywed couple I know at BYU. (Is being married ten months plus still considered "newlywed"?)

Anyway for those who are curious, we are pretty set in our plans for the next two years. To describe them (briefly and barely) they include:

making some money (but then, who isn't doing this or trying to?)
growing closer as a couple
looking into dental schools
planning small trips and vacations (only what we can afford; we are still poor and our parents don't baby us anymore...okay well a little)
graduating from BYU (it feels like it's forever away, but we're past the halfway point!)
visiting our families (naturally)
and.............starting our family. 

So our plans are vague...at least to you, but we know what we're doing and are earnestly praying as a couple to know the things we should do. Now what you ought to do is sit back and trust us because I can promise you, we're not completely helpless.

A little more insight into our lives...

good habit: getting better at waking up and arriving on time. slowly but surely...

bad habit: getting to the point during a test where I stop caring about checking the answers and just submit the stupid thing, accepting that it probably wouldn't be much better whether I check it or not.

Well, the good thing about this is that I am on week 11 of 13 of the semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In two weeks, I will have earned my Associate's of Science in English! I just can't wait.

What do you think of our plans? We will love to hear your thoughts, but we'll probably do the same thing anyway. ;)

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