Monday, July 23

Rearranging. It's for the best.

Well, due to our utter failure at finding a decent place to live, we are currently at a standstill in our search. In other words, we are going to live at Wymount forever.

Thank heavens this is not really the case (I would die inside being trapped in Utah forever!), but for now it is our best option. Perhaps it has something to do with me being the Primary President and Dalin being Sunday School President. Our callings are fairly new still and though we had intended to get permission to continue attending our ward so that we might fulfill our callings, we obviously are just meant to stay here. For now, I emphasize. Someday we will be having a little baby joining us and let me tell you, we won't be living in this one-bedroom apartment when that happens. Partly because it's cramped and partly because it's not allowed.

Regardless, because of our poor luck, we (well I) decided that we needed a change. And what better change is there than rearranging the living room! I love disassembling rooms only to re-assemble them in a new way (which always seems dramatically better than before) in order to create a fresh atmosphere. It took some persuasion, and I had to make Dalin promise to help me, but we finally found an ideal arrangement for our living room. It feels twice as big, which is terrific. As a result of the change, I have had to reorganize our shelves which, to me, is SO much fun! I have a great deal of random antiques and possessions, and I always enjoy choosing new ones to spotlight in my home. My most recent alteration was developing a botany shelf...I am very fond of plants and flowers and as my collection has grown, it has become necessary to find a new location for my plants because the kitchen table was getting just a wee bit cramped. It really looks pretty and my pictures don't quite capture the effect but I am very excited about the change.

Continuing my discussion of decorating, I also have a slight obsession with antiques (particularly furniture and colored bottles) and always use them in my decorating. If I were to describe my style, I would have to say that I prefer orderly disorder. By that I mean that I love things that are so mismatched that they go together. I also am kind of a science nerd (I got this from my Grandpa French, a former seventh grade science teacher, as well as my Uncle Andy, who also loves science) and am very interested in natural art. I love the ocean and so my dream is to (like my uncle before me) fill my home with ocean rocks and driftwood and incorporate it into art. Driftwood has such a beautifully transformed structure and anything that reminds me of the ocean makes me happy. Also, this theme will fit perfectly within my dream home location of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You pretty much just have to be there to understand why I am so in love with that area. 

Thankfully, my amazing husband loves it, too. I am a lucky girl. ;)

How do you like to decorate your home?

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