Sunday, July 15

Tasty Snack Alternative to Chips -- Kale!

After a relaxing Sunday, and lots and lots of mini meals, (crab seafood sandwiches, spaghetti with sauce, chocolate-almond ice cream (with milk for me!) etc.) we were hungry for yet another snack, (yes, we are kind of like hobbits and have several meals a day) and so I thought, kale chips!

For those of you who do not know, kale is that leafy green stuff that restaurants put on your plate with your food as a garnish. It is nasty raw.

Kale as it looks (pretty much) in the grocery store
But with a frying pan, salt, and vegetable oil (or a little bit of butter), it can become a delectable snack. And I think it's safe to assume that is a much healthier alternative to salty, greasy potato chips (no matter how amazing Lay's are).

Just barely in the pan
With a dash of salt...I like a little more than a dash
Here is what it looks like...the browner the leaves get in the pan, the better.
See the dark leaves at the edges? That is the best.
It doesn't look so pretty after, but with the right amount of crisp and salt, they taste terrific.

Dalin--proving they taste terrific

His cute little tongue :)
We left them more green than usual this time. They taste better browner.
If you want to make them, all you do is chop up a bunch of kale (which is really cheap), remove most of the stems (which are really chewy and not as good as the leaves), and then fry up the leaves and lightly salt them (to taste). Once they are done, they will be surprisingly crispy, which is the best part! Stick them in a bowl and enjoy!

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