Friday, July 6

Greatest Inventions

What do you think are some of the greatest inventions created in this world? 

Here are my thoughts:

Toilet (I kind of feel like I had to put this first. Because even if I didn't have a house or sinks or appliances, I would still be fairly happy so long as my hut or whatever had a toilet. I love camping, but I don't think it's necessary to go the caveman way...been there, done that at girls' camp. I would not be willing to do that repeatedly. Every day.) 

Husbands (I rescind my comment earlier--this should be first. I love my husband! I love him! He makes me so happy every day! We have sad times, too, but we're best buddies and we always apologize and forgive one another.)

Cell phones (I literally don't know how I would stay sane without mine. I have nobody except for Dalin--who I would not have met if it wasn't for the cell phone--out here in Utah, and I would just hate not being able to talk to my mom, dad, and brothers every week.)

Laser eye surgery (I have yet to have this, however I absolutely must when I am 23 or 24. Contact lenses drive me crazy! And glasses are worse. Dalin has to go first though because his eyes are twice as bad as mine.)

Cars and airplanes (Otherwise, I highly doubt I'd be seeing my family very much. I am not a pioneer and even though I love taking walks, that only lasts about fifteen minutes.)

Electricity (Dalin made me say this haha. He said, "Without electricity, we wouldn't have any of that other crap.")

Literature (Without writing and languages, Dalin and I would be sooo bored because we are two avid readers...a.k.a. bookworms. We love to read, and I love to write. In my 27 journals. Just imagine if there was no such thing as words or writing. We'd all be idiots.)

So these things are great, and trust me, I can think of more--most of them involve food--but what about spiritual gifts or inventions? 

Here are some that I am most grateful for:

Our Agency

Before we came to this earth, Satan presented a plan to the Father which involved us all being the same. We would have no choices and no ability to recognize good because there would be no evil. There would be no joy or misery. There would be no love or hate. Half of this sounds good for about two seconds, but life would be completely useless if we did not know the bad. We would not learn from our mistakes or improve. I am so glad that the Savior volunteered a plan where we would be able to make choices in order to get back to our Father in Heaven.

Physical Bodies

I am glad we were given bodies so that we could come to this earth! I love life and living! It is not easy most of the time, but all of the good moments make up for it. I love the whole world! It's a beautiful place. 

Eternal Companions 

Same as husbands, but "eternity" definitely adds something. Still, I just have to clarify that it is so amazing to have the opportunity to be sealed to your spouse for eternity in the House of the Lord. It is literally the happiest event I have ever experienced in my life. I feel so much better having the knowledge that even though we may someday be parted in this life (hopefully in a hundred years), we can and will be reunited eternally. If I did not have this knowledge I think I would feel so hopeless. How do people survive in the world, never knowing where they are going or whether they will see their family again?

Us at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine

Eternal Families

Again, going along with eternal companions, I cannot imagine being parted from a single family member forever.  That would be terrible. I would not even enjoy such a life without having the knowledge that I do have. I love my family! I have the best one! And by family I mean my husband's side and mine. I am ridiculously lucky. I love each brother and sister, and our parents are the greatest. They are so fun, generous, hardworking, and talented.


I am very happy to know the things I know and believe the things I do. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one true church on this earth. I know it. I have no doubt that I would be nowhere near as happy as I am without this knowledge. I know that our knowledge is the only thing we can take with us from this life and thus that it is crucial that we do not waste this time we have here! As President Hinckley has instructed, we must grow and earn an education. We should be students all of our lives. I love learning and think this is spectacular advice from our former prophet.
Gift of forgiveness

This is so important in marriage and in life in general. To hold grudges is one of the worst and least healthy states of being I can think of. I have learned the importance of forgiving freely. Dalin and I try hard to assume the best of one another and know that neither of us would want to intentionally hurt the other. We make mistakes every day. And we apologize every single day. And we are happy as a result.


The Savior's greatest gift to us. It is our only chance to be able to be with our families eternity. It is our only way to return to our Heavenly Father. Without repentance, our sins and burdens would never be lightened. I am so thankful for repentance.

I am not the best at saying prayers. I carry a prayer in my heart throughout the day and try to express gratitude or ask for help the moment I think of it. But I really struggle with getting down on my knees each morning and night to sincerely (and alertly) thank Heavenly Father for my many blessings. I am grateful though that I can converse with Him all the time. About my worries, fears, joys, concerns, hopes, etc. Just the other day, I prayed desperately that we could find an important set of keys we had lost. After several minutes of looking all over our complex, we miraculously found them and I thanked our Father in Heaven fervently. Prayer is real. It works. And He listens to us. 

I hope that this made you think a little. And I apologize for making it so was longer than I intended. 
Do you have any inventions or spiritual gifts you are especially glad we have been given?

We really want to hear them :)

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