Monday, November 17

Nonspecific Late Night Thoughts on Life & The Third Trimester

A few random things before I go to bed tonight--

I only barely finished a painting for a friend who requested one (she's giving it to her roommate for Christmas), and I am just realizing how nice it was to just sit and paint while listening to Christmas music for an hour. Painting is so therapeutic for me. I wish I could get paid to paint all the time! (In all my free time that is...)

I prefer my grapefruits to be at about room temperature to warmish when I eat them, rather than refrigerated. I think it's because I've had them fresh off the tree in Florida (where the sun is shining directly on them) and the ones at the grocery store pale in comparison. I am definitely on a grapefruit kick right now. Maybe grapefruits have some vitamin or something that my body is craving right now. I really believe that cravings are at least partly attributed to a lack of the nutrients one's body needs. Or maybe even what the baby needs--who knows? But anyway, within the last week I have downed an entire jug of grapefruit juice, and I've eaten two grapefruits (but wanted way more) the last couple days. I only bought two, so that's limited me a little. I wish I could eat one right now.

I have realized that I've had so much in common with both of my pregnancies despite expecting the rumors that different genders result in different cravings (and overall pregnancy experience) to be true. Besides my recent sickness which led to my severe dehydration and consequently started my contractions, I've felt really good and the hardest part of this pregnancy has definitely been having a toddler that I shouldn't be picking up (but who always wants her mom, and I'm a sucker whenever she signs "please" so I do it anyway). I've also worried about the number of times Tenley has punched, kicked, or crushed her brother through my belly already. I know he's well-protected in there, and my doctor has reassured me that all second babies go through that (especially when their sibling is only a year or two older), but I feel like it has to be affecting him. So that's me trying not to worry my son will be emotionally scarred from his sister's physical abuse (however accidental--she is always trying to hug and kiss my belly so I know she doesn't mean to squish him).

I have also realized that I have been mentally prepping myself for having two children for a long time. I really feel like there is a second or middle-child syndrome and I don't know how much effect a parent has on whether that happens or not, but I think about it fairly often. I think about how I want to treat each child individually when they are both here. I want to make sure they both know I love them equally and that neither is more important than the other. In the same vein, however, I want Tenley to know that she is still so loved and that I am so grateful I have her to be my helper. I never thought I would want daughters (plural) until I had one, but now I would love another girl someday because of Tenley. I hope any others we might have are as sweet and perfect as she is. I hope our son feels that his sister is his friend and that she will watch over and protect him (like I tried to protect my brothers) as they grow up together. I am so excited that they will be so close in age!

I am thankful for Dalin. He is such a good friend to me and I love the jokes we get to share together. We had a fun time, just the two of us, at church this past Sunday while Tenley was in nursery and I'm just grateful I have him to joke and whisper with during Sunday School (like we're back in young men's and women's;). I feel so much joy because I married him. We balance each other out so nicely and I love that I have him to lean on.

I'm in the third trimester! I feel like this announcement should have come sooner, but I just remembered. As much as I love the second trimester, it's nice that time is moving forward. I swear, weeks 20 to 29 have been much slower than the first 19 were. I think it's because of social media...when I wasn't staying up to date with my pregnancy, time flew. Now it's like crawling forward painfully slow. My belly looks gigantic in the mirror and I think I must be a little bigger than I was at this point with Tenley because my belly button (which was completely flat by the end with Ten) is already going past flat to slightly poking out on top. It's weird. I just hope (if it becomes a full-on outie) that it goes back to normal.

I hope you found these random thoughts entertaining because I'm like falling asleep right here, and that's about all I can think of to say right now. I'll try to post some photos soon...I still have some on my camera from NH to go through.

Good night to all;)
P.S. You seriously should try my white/rainbow chili recipe posted yesterday. It is so good...I'm tempted to make more this week!

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