Saturday, November 30

My Most Embarrassing Moment

It took a lot of work to think of this. I can't just recall this stuff off the top of my head when people ask, so I actually did research and looked up other people stories to remind me of my own. Doing so mainly made me realize that I haven't had that many embarrassing moments.

But, since I'm doing a series (30 things my kids should know about me), I had to come up with an answer.

When I was maybe fifteen, my best friend Sarah begged me to come to our friend from another town's house for a sleepover that weekend. There was a church dance the next day and we were all going to go together. I had eaten a salad with, what I was pretty certain was rancid ranch dressing for lunch, and was not feeling well the rest of the school day. I told Sarah that I didn't want to go multiple times but she insisted that I come with her or she didn't want to go as much. I told my mom that I would go even though I wasn't feeling up to it.

After school, we met up with our friend and her mom about halfway (they lived about an hour away from us) and Sarah and I got in their brand new car so we could head back to their home. On the ride to their house, I started to feel really sick. I knew I shouldn't have come, I thought. "Sarah, I'm going to throw up," I said. We were sitting in the back seat. The next thing I knew, I was throwing up my lunch and Sarah has holding out her hands to catch it. And she did. She caught my vomit, which was so disgusting in itself. I still remember what it looked like, but I'll spare you. We joked about it later saying that that act was the mark of a true friend--when she willingly catches your vomit in her hands. Anyway, someone quickly grabbed a plastic bag for me to throw up in if I still needed to. I don't remember the rest of the trip, but luckily I think we were close to the house. When we got there, Sarah and our friend helped me clean up the car. I felt so bad. It was a new car! And I still felt so sick. I think our friend's mom was pretty mad at me. Understandably. She was nice about it though. I was just wishing I hadn't let Sarah talk me into coming. I felt like our friend's mom never really liked me as much after that experience.

Anyhow, for the rest of the evening while Sarah hung out with our friend playing DDR and making cookies, I lay in bed upstairs, going between sleeping and using the bathroom frequently. It was really miserable and I just wanted my mom there to take care of me. Food poisoning sucks. When I woke up late at night and mostly recovered, I was famished. After taking a shower and getting something to eat, (and then a good night's rest) I felt much better and ended up being able to go to the dance. But I still feel embarrassed when I think about how I stunk up my friend's mom's new car with my throw up.

What was your most embarrassing moment? (Or one of them)
I really want to know!

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