Saturday, November 9

Bragging: My Super Successful Week

I need to brag for a minute. Very rarely do I say this (in fact, I'm not sure I've ever actually said it...), but I am proud of myself this week. I got so much accomplished and it feels really good:

My mom and I cleaned the apartment, 
I had a much-needed teeth cleaning at the dentist (I promise I brush and floss!), 
We had our car serviced, washed, and cleaned (tire rotation, oil change, vacuumed, etc.), 
I got a doctor's appointment out of the way, 
I completed our Medicaid application, 
Tenley and I went to our first WIC appointment,
Drove through Nebo Loop and took family pictures,
I wrote an essay for English, 
I went to the temple with Dalin (which made me SO happy!),
& I spent time with my mom, husband, daughter, and brother and sister-in-law! 

I would say it's been a successful week! I'm pretty glad that it's over though...a lot of stressful things (and some fun) all combined into six days. Still, I think next year I will do the same and plan one get-everything-done week. None of it would have been possible without my mom being here though. I'm so grateful she was able to watch Tenley and motivate me to accomplish all that I was able to. I guess she'll just have to do the same next year, too! ;)

Have you ever taken a week and gotten a bunch of stressful things out of the way?
If not, you should try it!

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