Saturday, July 13

Things I've Taken For Granted

Dropped an entire bag of goldfish the other day. Saddest thing ever. Good thing I took a pic of this, right?
Since being pregnant, there are a lot of things I never realized I had taken for granted. Here are a few that come to mind. I'm sure the list is endless though.

1. The ability to slip into jeans (or pretty much anything) without it being a tremendous hassle
2. Being able to do simple things around the bend over and pick up Dalin's socks
3. Being able to sleep without interruption. I have almost forgotten what that's like. I probably won't know again for a long time
4. Feeling in control of my emotions. Crying is so annoying
5. Being able to buckle my seatbelt easily
6. Feeling somewhat more of that for a while
7. Being able to squeeze through small spaces without hitting my belly on something
8. Having no real physical ailments. Now I know what back pain is. And acid reflux
9. Being able to sit or stand for as long as I want without my body going haywire
10. My ankles and feet--when they didn't feel fat
11. Having energy
12. Not having to think about what foods or medicine go in my body
13. Having control over my bladder (aka being able to hold it)
14. Kneeling. And crawling. And sitting cross-legged. And getting up off the ground
15. Not feeling SO darn slow. Why can't I walk faster!?
16. Feeling cute. I don't anymore. Just annoyed when I see how big I am getting
17. Not feeling the need to take a nap...all the time

This is all I can think of for now. I need to go take a nap (ha ha) so I can have the energy to do something productive. I want to pick up and get rid of some clutter, I really want to clean the bathtub (stupid bare feet), and I want to make some kind of delicious dessert for Dalin because I've put him through a lot the last few days. Not on purpose. But he is my only support around here and the only one I can cry to (which I hate doing, but he loves me so it's okay).

I will be SO much happier when this baby is out. Everyone keeps telling me about all the sleep I won't get and how I'll have no energy, etc...well as long as the pains go away, I honestly don't care about anything else. 

What did you take for granted or miss while pregnant? 

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