Monday, July 15

Easiest Chicken Sandwich Ever

I am all about fast and easy meals--especially when I'm home alone. Something about Dalin being gone from the apartment just sucks the motivation to try right out of me. I try sometimes, but usually not for myself. So this chicken sandwich is perfect because it is freaking delicious and takes about two minutes to make. 

What you need:

sandwich bread (preferably Dunford's--best bread ever--which they sell at Macey's if you live out west!)
1 tomato
spinach or lettuce
cheese (I like pepper-jack or provolone)
salt and pepper/ lemon pepper
1 can chicken breast
a few spoonfuls of mayo (to mash into the chicken with a fork)

I bet you can see where this is going. If not, here are some pictures to help you. 

It makes a crazy (easy) delicious sandwich and is perfect for those of you who are as lazy as I am when it comes to making dinner for yourself. I made two sandwiches because I had enough so I guess Dalin can have a late-night snack when he gets home from work at 11pm! (Or, at least I'll have a decent lunch at work tomorrow).

Have you already discovered the easiness (and awesomeness) of this sandwich? 
(I highly doubt I invented it.)

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